How to Heal Skin Damage from Steroid Creams

hi how are you?

i hope if you could help me my skin has been damaged by steroid creams in the past on my face,its left it really thin,red,dry sensitive,is their anything which you can recommend i should do to help normalize my skin,externally and internally what i can take?hope to hear from you soon thanks and take care


I am so sorry to hear about your experience of skin damage from steroid creams. That sounds very painful and it must be very difficult, especially in cold and dry weather.

Yes, some people experience skin damage from using steroids, both from steroid creams and also by taking steroid medications.

Your skin gets thin and it tears and bruises easily. Sometimes it takes a while for the bruises to heal.

This is a very sad situation, and medical science has not yet found a way to reverse the skin damage caused by steroids.

I don't know what would help, but if I had this kind of skin damage I'd start by using only really, really gentle skin care products ... no allergens or toxins at all.

Try to find products which provide a protective barrier on the skin. I recommend products with shea butter such as the Cleure products which are the gentlest products I've found and the ONLY ones I know of that are BOTH hypoallergenic (free from plant allergens) and also non-toxic and do not contain irritating chemicals that can cause skin inflammation. (Please see our safe cosmetics page for more information on this.

These products can can provide a safe layer of protection on the skin without being greasy. What I would recommend of this product line is first the basic
facial pack which is extremely gentle and also effective at helping the skin to heal. It will not irritate your skin and it has several ingredients that provide protection for the skin and also enhance the skin's ability to rejuvenate.

Second I would recommend that you add to this their
emu oil which goes on light and will not clog pores. It also contains vitamin E which also is helpful in restoring damaged skin. I have tried some other brands of emu oil but the Cleure oil has a much lighter and cleaner feeling to it.

For body care, the
body lotion, combined with the emu oil will provide protection and help your skin to heal.

There are some natural and dietary approaches you can try, which will help to strengthen your body's natural self healing mechanisms. Since each of us is so unique, you will need to experiment to see what works best for your body.

First, since you are very sensitive, please do a skin test before each new product you try before you put it on your face or body. Also be careful with anything you take internally ... don't use too much, and if at all possible, try just one new thing at a time.

These are tips that I've learned from other people who have experienced skin damage from steroids.

Some people say that Evening Primrose Oil can be helpful by gently massaging onto your skin. Some people have a reaction to this oil which is why I recommend the emu oil as it has natural anti-flammatory properties and I've never heard of anyone having a reaction to it.

Gentle message twice a day can stimulate the skin and help restore some elasticity.

I would recommend also facial exercise which helps increase the blood flow to your skin. You'll need to go gently so you don't further irritate your skin.

Some people recommend pure Vitamin e oil. This is included in the Cleure emu oil.

Some people and also some doctors recommend wheatgrass juice, both taken internally and also applied to your face. Again, you'll need to skin test all these things. Wheatgrass helps activate growth factors in the skin at the cellular level.

Fresh wheatgrass juice is probably best, but some people say that using a concentrate or powder works well too and has more of the essential ingredients.

When you drink it, hold the liquid in your mouth for two or three minutes so your body can absorb the nutrients.

I would recommend a good overall natural health program for your body that includes LOTS of naturally occurring antioxidants, which can help nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

I've covered some basic steps in our free eCourse, which you are welcome to request if you haven't already, here: Natural Beauty Secrets for Sensitive Skin.

Does anyone else have any additional suggestions to help skin damaged from steroids to heal?

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May 14, 2014
reply to anonymous
by: Hollie

Anonymous.. see the comment below you.
Try that.

Also if you can afford it get Gemini laser treatment, that will zapp all the capilaries and help with the blushing.
I had that very badly , going in air conditioning environments was the worst.

Mar 10, 2014
red face
by: Anonymous

Pls help i Av ad psirasis since i was realy young and sum form of acne since i was 22 i was on steroid cream and predlislone and its thined all my face over the years and it bright red from kneck to head sumtime its realy bad and wen its good its still red raw i blush alot and get worse with beer and spicy food but it not like rosaca cos my full face is red in confused my dermy jst keeps saying it will get beter but its been 10yr i don't use steroids no more pls help i carnt hanndle it no more fed up wen i go out people askin why its red is there a laser treatment or a cover up what wont irritate it thanks lee

Apr 15, 2013
What worked for me
by: Hollie

I had severe damage from steroid use on my face, 0ver 5 years of it.

My skin was so destroyed that when i used the steroids it would heal and two days later would be dripping wet, burning hot and unbearably itchy.

I suffered for 7 years only being able to go out the house perhaps once every 3 months cause it was so infected and cut.
I would sit and scratch it for hours at a time and have to wear dressings and wet packs on it for days.
I only every slept for 3 hours at a time cause i would wake up scratching my face to pieces in my sleep.

(I had actully stopped using steroids at that stage too).

(---- How I got better ----)

Wash your face only with luke warm slightly salty water.
This actually stops stinging from cuts and damage if you have any. Water without salt really stung me. Plus the slight amount of salt kills bugs too.

Moisturize with Neutragena Sensitive. It's the only moisturizer that didn't make my skin hot or give me pimples. Bonus.. it's relatively cheap too.

I also got Protopic which is a non steroid excema cream. It's unbelievable. Most countries you can get it from your doctor. If not, just try find it on an online medicine site.


Editor's Note - Protopic is an immune supressant drug and we recommend you consult with your doctor before using it.


It feels hot the first few days that you use it, very hot, but stick with it. After that you wont even notice it's on.

Initially because my skin was so bad i had to use the protopic 3 times a day. Now I use it once or twice.

Within 4 days of using it my skin was so much better. There were no side effects and the first year I used it I only had 5 days where I didn't go out the house, compared to about 20 days a year previously.

People I knew didn't recognise me cause all the bad wrinkles under my eyes started to go away after a few months. I wasn't scratching my face any more.

I've been using it since Apr 2003, so ten years now.
The majority of the damage from steroids has gone but I did have bad spider veins which I get lasered once a year.

Thankfully, I haven't done any long term damage from scratching so bad and the steroids thinning my skin so much.

So now, I just wash with cold water (no salt), neutragena sensitive and protopic every day.
I am 41 and most people think I am 32-35.

Good luck. I hope I have been a bit of help.

*Banish steroids and the silly doctors/dermatologist that prescribe them!*

Aug 07, 2011
damage by powder
by: krishna

hello my skin is very fair but my face is in few months dark and very nice and oily because i use a rathakandi natural powder for my small types of face marks but i use that only 4 dayes i can feel my face is more dark and i see a a extra layer on my face so i stop that to use how to remove that layer and oilness my skin is normal skin but this time oily how to recover my old firmness on my face and how to remove the extra layer?plz help

Jul 07, 2011
keloid skin gone bad
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had keloid on my jaw line and used some hydrocortisone creams along with corticosteroid injections. My skin became extremely thin and weak, to the point where it started being concave and sticks out on the edges from how paper thin it is. I went to the beach today, without exposing it, and it literally became the size of a ball today and felt like it was going to explode. It was filled with air I guess and started tearing and bleeding out. It never happened before even though I'm exposed to heat a lot. Is there anything I can use to get my thin thick again? Even if the traces of keloid is still there? Thank you.

Apr 28, 2010
Ideas to help you find solutions
by: Mashubi

Hi Naz, I am so sorry to hear of the terrible difficulties you've had with your skin using the steroid creams. Yes, pregnancy and hormonal changes can create all kinds of eruptions on our skin, and we can become more sensitive to chemicals that previously may not have bothered us.

I hope the information on this page can help you to get started in finding some solutions. First, I would recommend looking carefully at all the products on your skin and hair, and eliminating those that contain parabens, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate and other skin irritants. These add stress to your body and you want to eliminate as much stress as you can. See our safe cosmetics page for more on the major irritants.

Secondly, I understand how upset you must be about this, and one of the important things to remember is that your body has a miraculous ability to heal itself. The key is to find ways to support that healing process, rather than adding stress to your body.

For example, a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and drinking lots of pure water will help your body to detoxify and cleanse itself. This will help your body and your mind to release stress.

Another important thing is to go easy on yourself. Remember you are beautiful, regardless of what your skin looks like right now, and try to let go of any anger you may be carrying towards yourself or others. This will help you to feel less burdened, which will help your body to heal.

I also recommend that you get my free eBook if you haven't already which can help you get started in a way that will help your body to heal. You can get a copy here at our natural beauty secrets page.

You may also find it helpful at some point to consider using gentler skin care products. The products we recommend on this site can provide some very gentle and safe protection for your skin.

For cosmetic improvements, there are some natural product lines that provides a powerful cosmetic effect that is also safe and natural. I recommend this only after you've managed to calm down any skin inflammation from other sources. If used properly it can enhance your body's natural healing capacities, and you can find information at our safe skin care products page.

I hope these suggestions are helpful Naz. Please let me know how this goes for you.

Apr 27, 2010
thin skin
by: naz

hi iv been suffering for many years to try and rebuild my skin on my face after using too much chemical without knowing it would damage alot and now im married with one kid my whole body is burnt got really bad wrinkles on my hands and stomach after using steroid it happend when i was 8 months pregnant i had this really bad itchy rash i was terrofied when i saw my stomach was swollen and black i went to see the dermatoligist she said it would dissapear after 3months but it hasnt i really need your help i completly lost my confident and my relationship is ruined to the doctors has ruined my life

Mar 29, 2010
Help for your Dad
by: Mashubi

Hi Debbie, I am so sorry to hear of the difficulty your Dad is going through. For some people, a change of diet, or using probiotics, or switching to a non-toxic skin cream will be enough to stop the itching, but in this kind of situation where your Dad is elderly and has had many years of steroid use, I recommend that he see a naturopathic medical doctor. Many naturopaths take health insurance, and they are familiar with steroid side effects and can help his body to rebalance itself in a way that will stop the itching.

Mar 29, 2010
steroid damaged skin intense itching
by: debbie c

my dad has such bad damaged by years of steriods for his bronicial asthma, he is 82 years old and he constantly itching, he drives him mad, he has had so many pills and creams nothing helps him.
please help im desperate to help him.

Nov 22, 2009
Thank you...
by: wendy

I too have steriod dry skin... mostly on my arms from many years of dermatitis/exczema.

Thanks for all the great ideas!

Fantastic website!

Wendy, another SBIer

Aug 27, 2009
One more idea for skin rejuvenation
by: Mashubi

Another idea came to me today that may help your whole body to speed up the rejuvenation process. It is a gentle self healing technique called "tapping" or Emotional Freedom Technique. You tap on acupuncture points, and it can help all kinds of conditions, and it isn't just for emotional healing. I always feel better when I do this!

I find it has helped me with a number of physical problems. Although it doesn't work for my headaches, it helps me to fall asleep when I have insomnia, and has helped me to heal faster when I've had injuries. It also helps me with feeling less exhausted.

My husband uses it as well, and we've taught it to our friends and family. It is great for when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, it definitely helps our bodies natural self healing processes to work even better.

Like anything, it works well for some things and may not work as well for others.

Another great thing is that the man who created "EFT" as it is also called, wants to share it with as many people as possible. He has created an ebook that is totally free, where you can learn how to do the technique. They also have all kinds of information on using EFT for different conditions, and they have a discussion forum as well. Their site is and I hope that this can also help you to heal your skin!

Aug 27, 2009
Another helpful tip for steroid induced thinning of the skin
by: Mashubi

Hello friends,

I just read an article by a doctor here at which recommended the use of zinc oxide on your skin which can help provide somewhat of a barrier to skin that has been thinned by steroids. Some sunscreen products like the MyChelle Sun Shield
contain zinc oxide. I hope this is helpful for you!

Aug 27, 2009
You're welcome
by: Mashubi

You're welcome, I was happy to find that information and I will let you know of anything else I learn about this. Our bodies do have some miraculous self healing mechanisms and so anything you can do to rejuvenate your whole body will help your skin. If you haven't already seen this, our free e-course has information about skin and body rejuvenation. The program is free right now and you are welcome to get a copy of it. Please do let me know how these approaches work for you.

Aug 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

thanks mashubi
if you have any other remedies which will help normalize my condition could you please let me know thanks till then i will try what you have told me,also their is a website about the wheatgrass spray which can also heal steroid damaged skin hope to hear from you soon

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