How to Use Makeup to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

by Susan

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful!

Makeup can enhance your natural beauty if you apply it properly. When people notice your beauty and not your makeup, you know you've done a good job!

Tips for Applying Makeup to Look Natural

First and foremost, begin with the right canvas – wash and moisturize your face before beginning with makeup.

Shape your brows so they look entirely natural. Highlight your brows, or lack thereof, with a color pencil three shades lighter than the color of your hair.

Concealer should be 1 to 2 shades lighter in color than your skin color. Don't use too much or else it will show through the foundation and look obvious rather than covering the flaw you want to cover.

It's not a must, but if you choose to use foundation, opt for one that will allow your skin to breathe and one that won't looked caked on. Mineral makeup can be a good option for those with sensitive skin as long as it doesn't contain ingredients that might inflame or irritate your skin.

To find the correct shade for your skin, try a small amount on the top of your hand to see if it matches or is very close.

To blend the foundation quickly and evenly, use clean fingers to apply the liquid version. Mineral versions can be applied with a kabuki brush for full coverage.

Blush should be applied sparingly for the most natural look. The shade you choose should be complimentary to your skin tone. Light pinks are perfect for fair skin, burgundy is ideal for darker skin tones, and peachy shades are wonderful for olive colored or golden skin tones.

Apply the color to the apples of your cheeks first and then blend from there to the rest of your cheek using
small circular motions. If you feel you've put on too much, go over it lightly with powder.

Following the concealer, foundation and blush, apply a translucent powder over the entire face for a flawless finish.

Eyes are usually the one feature that women seem to love about themselves, so they will either use too much makeup to highlight them or not enough.

Some women can get away with mascara only, others with mascara and liner only, and others can apply eye shadow and mascara and it will bring out their natural beauty.

Use shadow colors that are complimentary to your eye color for the best results.

Lipstick or lip balm should be subtle, but also a color that will bring out the natural shape of your lips. Rose toned lipsticks are good for almost every skin tone, so those are good shades to begin with until you get used to what works best for your skin tone.

A Few Additional Tips

· To help foundation to spread more evenly over the skin, put a few drops into your palm and use your finger to gently warm it before smoothing it over the skin

· Wearing a light layer of foundation can actually help protect your skin from the sun

· Brown mascara appears more natural as opposed to black mascara

· Read the ingredient list – water listed on a foundation as the first ingredient is a good choice

· Do make sure that the makeup you're using contains only safe, non-toxic ingredients

We're not suggesting that makeup is essential for looking beautiful, but sometimes it's just what you need to even out a broken out complexion, cover dark circles under the eyes, or simply to feel like you look your very best for the world.

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