Is my skin stressed out?


I am a 26 year old working woman (Indian). My lifestyle is very hectic, with deadlines at work and long hours spent traveling. After visiting your site, I have begun to drink more water and sleep at least 7-8 hrs a day. I have combination skin - (more dry than oily) which is a bit sensitive (gets immediately impacted by sun exposure, stress and poor diet). I eat 1-2 fruits and drink 2 lts of water a day. My diet is moderately healthy with wholewheat bread, white rice, a few veggies and some chicken. I don't exercise much, except for some waist bending exercise and walking once a week.

I mostly use homemade remedies and mild products on my skin. Although I am generally careful with what i use on my face, I might be sometimes overdoing things to my face out of anxiety. I do not suffer any specific skin problems except that my skin looks on dull, tired and stressed out. Sometimes it looks unhealthy even after I have slept enough, eaten enough (I am slightly underweight) and drunk enough water. where do you think I am going wrong? Any advice would be deeply appreciated. I am planning to incorporate basic yoga (about 20 mins) into my routine. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Shymya, and thank you for your message. First, congratulations on all the things you are doing for your skincare and your health! These are a great start, and it may be that just a few gentle adjustments to your daily routine may be enough to brighten your skin tone and bring more radiance to your skin.

These are suggestions, however you will have to see how your body responds, as each of us is quite unique in our individual needs. I would recommend making just one or two changes at a time, and seeing how they go. My free eBook
Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally has some suggestions on how to make gradual changes to your daily routine.

Here is what I would recommend as a start:

  • Find a way to eat more vegetables. These can be raw or cooked, and can be eaten in a variety of ways such as salads, steamed, in fresh juices or smoothies. Vegetables are great for the skin, and the key is to find those that you enjoy eating and that your body responds well to.

  • I think that the daily yoga or other physical activity will make a big difference for you and your skin. Exercise has a profoundly rejuvenating effect on the body and can help a lot when you are dealing with stress.

  • When you have sensitive skin, less is more, and so trying a lot of different skincare products, or even using lots of different skin care recipes at the same time can create more irritation. This is challenging because our skincare needs do change over time, and so there will be times when you need to use something different on your skin.

    Sometimes it can take a while to find what works best for your skin, and also to learn how your skin responds to change. I encourage you to find a few recipes or products that work well for your skin, and stay with them for at least a month before making a change. That may help, and create less likelihood of a skin reaction. Once you have a few products or recipes that work well, you can rotate them if your skin can tolerate this. My own experience with skincare products is that some types do not mix well with others, and so it is a learning process.

I hope these suggestions are helpful for your Shyma. Please do stay in touch and let us know how you are doing and what you have learned!

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May 23, 2011
by: shyma

Hi Mashubi,

Hope you are well and hope the relocation was smooth. I have ordered Cleure products. I might get them sometime this week. I let Andy know that I came to know of Cleure through your website. The products along with shipping costs work out to be quite expensive for me.. so was wondering if I can get any discount/benefits... if yes, that would be great.

Thanks for all your sensible advice regarding skincare. Can wait for the products!!

Oct 20, 2010
So glad it's getting better!
by: Mashubi

That's great Shyma, I am so glad that these changes are helping your skin! Yes, cleansers can be quite irritating, even hypoallergenic ones. Thanks so much for letting us know what is working for you.

Oct 19, 2010
Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser
by: Shyma

I just wanted to write a note about what's working for me.

I have been using Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser for more than 2 weeks now. I use very little of the cleanser as it can dry out skin if used too frequently and too much. I have used a skin care recipe using mild natural kitchen products just once a week. (I used to use skincare recipe every few days earlier)

With these two changes in place, I see a significant difference in the texture and clarity of my skin.

Thanks for letting me know that for sensitive skin, less is more. I APPRECIATE YOUR ADVICE!

Sep 29, 2010
Let us know how it goes
by: Mashubi

Hi Shyma, I am so glad you found a recipe that seems to work well for your skin! Thank you for sharing, and do let us know how it goes for you!

Sep 29, 2010
orange peel recipe?

Thanks a ton for pointing out that I must stick to a skin care recipe for a month, and not try too many things on my skin.

I have started to use dry orange peel powder with milk, on alternative days. I add a lil sandalwood powder for the mixture to hold itself together.

I have used this recipe twice and my skin feels soft and radiant immediately after use. A couple of blemishes looks lighter after two uses only.

So I thought of giving this a try. I am planning to try this recipe for a month and see how my skin feels. I apply this in the evening, and do not use anything after taht, not even cleanser or moisturizer.

Let me know your thoughts please

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