Are Laser Hair Removal Machines for
Home Use Effective?

Laser hair removal machines specifically designed for home use have become more popular in recent years, as more people are looking for a less expensive means to permanently remove unwanted body hair.

What is the difference between the machines used in a professional setting and the ones you would use at home?

Laser Hair Removal in an Office

Trained professionals use lasers and IPLs or intense pulsed light devices to remove hair at the root, which means you can enjoy permanent hair loss on your legs, bikini area, underarms and even the facial area after as little as 5 treatments. Some people undergo as many as 7 treatments to rid themselves of unwanted hair.

Advantages of Office Laser Hair Removal

  • Trained professionals
  • Higher settings can be used
  • Less risk of burning or scarring the skin
  • Better results in shorter amount of time

Of course, the disadvantage of office visits is that you'll pay more money for the treatments. Costs can be $500 to several thousand depending on the areas treated.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

The interest in at-home machines for hair removal is increasing and a few companies are responding by manufacturing products that can be used at home to remove unsightly hair. These machines are designed to target the hair follicle and eventually kill it over a series of treatments. Of course, these lasers are not nearly as strong or concentrated as the ones used in a professional doctor's office.

Advantages of At-Home Hair Removal Machines

  • Costs less to purchase machine vs. office treatments
  • Use at your convenience

Disadvantages of At-Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

  • Potential burning or scarring of skin
  • Laser lights near the eyes can cause eye damage
  • Hair may not go away permanently
  • Unable to treat sensitive areas properly
  • Not effective on small areas like fingers and toes

Best Home Hair Removal Machines

Which one is the best for effective home use? There are several on the market, but two machines come to the top of the list for at-home laser hair removal: TRIA and Silk'n.

TRIA Features and Customer Reviews

This laser machine is ideal for people with fair skin tone and hair that is somewhat dark to very dark in color. Unfortunately, it won't work for red, gray, or blonde hair.

TRIA Features:

  • Built-in sensor tells you if you can use it safely ñ if safe, machine has automatic unlock feature so it can be used
  • Hair growth diminishes within 3 months
  • Possible to be free of unwanted hair in 6 months with repeated treatments
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Saves money by doing it at home
  • Costs around $395

What do the owners of the TRIA machine think of their results?

Positive reviews seem to outweigh the negative reviews. Some people found that the TRIA worked wonders at removing unsightly hair whereas others said it was a complete failure. Customer service was not rated highly by many of the people who purchased the TRIA, especially when they wanted to return the product. Those who tried both the TRIA and the Silk'n said the TRIA stings less than the Silk'n.

Silk'n Features and Customer Reviews

The Silk'n SensEpil is considered a laser hair removal machine because it uses a light-based pulse to kill the hair follicle. People with dark skin or tanned skin should not use this machine.

Silk'n Features:

  • FDA approved technique
  • Removes hair from legs within 30 minutes
  • Built-in sensor for safety
  • Uses Home Pulsed Light technology
  • Low optical energy ñ safer for facial use
  • Costs $425 - $500

What do owners of the Silk'n think of their results?

The general consensus about the Silk'n is that is does seem to work, but it takes a very long time to effectively remove hair. The light cartridges don't seem to last as long as they should and the cost of replacing the cartridge is $50 each time. A few others said this machine didn't work at all for them and that when they tried to get their money back, customer service was very poor.

Avance and Biotechnique Avance manufacture laser hair removal machines at the top end of the price range. Their machines tend to look more professional despite the fact they are specifically for home use and the price tag seems to reflect that difference. Expect to pay $325 to $2,400 for one of their machines. The negative reviews outweighed the positive ones. The IPL600 Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System by Quazar claims to remove hair permanently with several uses.

The price tag of just under $1,500 is rather high to determine whether or not it would really work. No reviews of this product were found. A company called SkinAct has a multi-purpose machine retailing for just under $25,000. It promises to remove hair permanently, reduce acne, and rejuvenate the surface of the skin. No reviews of this product could be located, which could indicate it's not worth the hefty investment.

Which One of the Laser Hair Removal Machines is Best for Sensitive Skin?

The answer, unfortunately, is not clear-cut. Your physician may be able to help you with the answer, but what it comes down to is that your skin may react favorably to at home laser hair removal machines or it may not. There are many potential side effects of using laser treatments yourself, so you should be aware of them before purchasing any hair removal product or machine. 

You're Beautiful! 

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Take good care of yourself and your skin by exercising, cleansing properly, eating well, and staying spiritually healthy and your inner beauty will make you beautiful on the outside too!

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