Laser Hair Removal Pricing

How Much Does Permanent Hair Removal Cost?

It's a wise idea to research laser hair removal pricing before deciding to have hair removed professionally or to remove it at home with a laser device.

There are several factors to consider when making this decision.

Factors that Influence Pricing

  • How big of an area are you having treated?  The legs, chest, and back can be the biggest areas to treat, which means they cost more
  • How dense is the hair?  Denser hair will take longer to respond, which again means a higher cost.
  • How thick is the hair?  Thick hair takes a bit longer also to respond to laser treatment and may take a few more treatments to complete.
  • Where do you live?
  • Where is the clinic located?
  • Does the clinic, spa, or dermatologist's office specialize in laser hair removal?  Or is it simply a supplemental offering to boost their income?
  • Pricing is also based on how many treatments are required.

Geographical location has a great deal to do with the cost of laser hair removal. Clinics and spas in the bigger cities will almost always charge more for their services. Keep in mind also that if a clinic, dermatologist, or spa doesn't specialize in this type of hair removal, you can expect to pay more for those

Laser Hair Removal Pricing Guidelines

We'll give you ranges of prices for these services because really it will vary according to the factors listed above. Prices listed are for one session. You'll likely require 4-6 sessions if not more.

  • Both legs - half - $250 - $650
  • Back - $299 - $799
  • Facial area - $249 - $650
  • Underarms - $149 - $250
  • Bikini line - $150 - $449
  • Lip - $99 - $300
  • Both arms – half - $249 - $650

Cost of Laser Hair Removal at Home

It may be worth your time to consider removing hair at home with one of the machines now offered specifically for that purpose.

Two hair removal machines are at the top of the market right now: Tria and Silk'n.

The purchase of a Tria will cost you around $395 - $449. There are no cartridges to replace, so it's a one-time investment. One machine is good for about 90,000 pulses and then it will be time to purchase a new machine.

Purchase of a Silk'n will cost about $499 - $520. Each new lamp cartridge costs $49 and is good for roughly 750 individual shots. The number of cartridges you may need will depend on the size of the area you're treating. An estimate is as few as one cartridge or as many as seven cartridges.

Tips for Naturally Removing Hair

The same things that worked for our mothers and grandmothers can work for you too! You can have beautifully smooth skin by doing any one of the following and you'll never have to worry about chemicals or lasers damaging the skin.

  • Shave regularly
  • Wax
  • Depilatory cream
  • Bleach the hair
  • Pluck hair out
  • Sandpaper – moving over the affected area slowly can remove hair and diminish growth
  • Sugaring – make a past of honey, lemon, and sugar and use like you would hot wax to remove hair
  • Trimming
  • Electrolysis
  • Pumice stone – gently and slowly rub a pumice stone over your skin to remove hair and slow down the hair growth
  • Epilators

These methods cost much, much less than visiting a professional and still cost less than the home laser hair removal machines on the market. Yes, these methods may require more time and diligence, but you're not introducing harmful chemicals to your skin and that's always a good thing.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing is Just Part of the Equation

Each person has to decide between professional hair removal and at-home hair removal, but be sure to also include the time factor when making a final decision.

At-home remedies can be performed at your convenience, whereas professional several appointments must be made to accomplish permanent hair removal.

This may mean taking time off from work or making arrangements for childcare so you can go for your appointments.

Vacation time could be eaten up with appointments and if you have to pay a babysitter, that naturally increases the overall cost of permanent hair removal.

Several appointments may be required and the time frame in months, not days, will be determined by the size of the area being treated.

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