Looking for a hypoallergenic shampoo!

I read your article on how much trouble you had finding a shampoo that didn't break you out, and I am in that same awful struggle. Nothing I try works from the health food store or anywhere, and even when the ingredients seem to be so pure and natural, I'm still breaking out from them! You mentioned that you had success finding a product line finally, I believe it was a volumizing one, that didn't make you react, and I am just wondering what that is?? I would love to know in hopes that it would work for me too! Thanks so much!

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for writing! Yes, it was such a long time to find a good shampoo, and every once in a while I run out and have to get another brand at the health food store but I've never found one as good as the Cleure ***z-cleure-hypoallergenic-shampoo.shtml*** .

Recently I went overboard trying some natural hair lightening and my hair got dried out. I tried a health food store intensive conditioner which had a strong perfume smell and wasn't half as effective as the ***z-cleure-conditioner.shtml*** . I hope they are helpful for your hair!

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