Solve Numerous Problems When You
Make Your Own Hair Care

There is an amazing array of well-advertised hair products to choose from on the market, so why would you want to make your own hair care products?

Well, for one thing, you might want to save yourself some money; some of those fancy hair products have outrageous price tags accompanying the promise of beautiful hair. Even the less expensive products can take a big chunk out of your wallet.

If the financial aspect isn't an issue for you, maybe you're concerned about harsh ingredients that may irritate or cause allergies. Many of these ingredients certainly don't do anything to help the environment, either.

Whatever the reason, you may be interested in home-made hair products just to be able to have some control over what they put on their hair.

make your own hair care

What's So Wrong with Shampoo?

Have you checked the ingredient list on your shampoo label?  All those chemicals can't be good, especially since so many of them are some sort of petroleum products. There are also preservatives, because who knows how long that stuff has been on the shelf? To top it off, there's nothing pleasant about the way those ingredients smell, so the manufacturers are obligated to add fragrance to make sure you want to use it.

Sounds like an allergic reaction waiting to happen! Even if you don't have any sensitivity to the ingredients, the detergent nature of shampoo will strip the natural oils right out of your hair and irritate your skin and eyes. On top of that, the chemicals that create the foaming effect in shampoo, SLFS and SLS, are being studied because of potential serious health risks.

No wonder there's a movement to get away from shampoo-more on that later. If you would like to make a change and make your own hair care products, home-made shampoo would be a good starting point. Here are a couple of recipes that others have used, but you might find other formulas that you prefer.

Please remember that "natural" doesn't mean "unconditionally safe." There is always someone who will react to a substance that is considered organic. If you are not sure about some of the ingredients in these formulas, please do a patch test for sensitivity.

  • Rosemary is a favorite herb to use in homemade shampoo. As well as cleansing the hair, it adds body and shine, and it actually stimulates hair growth! It may have a tendency to make your hair slightly darker, so if this is not something that appeals to you, you may want to try shampoo formulas that don't include rosemary.

    To make this shampoo, add one quarter cup of fresh rosemary leaves to 1 cup of boiling water, preferably distilled. Reduce heat, and allow to simmer on low heat for fifteen minutes. Strain liquid into container and add between 2 and 4 drops of rosemary essential oil and half a cup of fragrance-free shampoo.

    Stir the mixture gently, so as not to work up a lather. Now it's ready to use just like any shampoo. Note that, although this formula calls for commercial shampoo, it's generally for people who can't live without those fun bubbles. If you choose to omit the shampoo, you'll still have the benefits of clean hair.
  • This is a make your own hair care shampoo that will leave your hair clean and lustrous without lathering. The herbal ingredients can be found in natural food stores or online. 
  • Start by combining a quarter cup each of powdered lavender buds, powdered neem, powdered bhringarai, and gotu kola. Store this mixture in an airtight container or a plastic, resealable bag. Shake well before using.

    When ready to use, stir two teaspoons of the herb mixture into one cup of boiled, distilled water and cover. Let steep for five minutes, then stir. Apply half a cup of the liquid to wet hair and work into the scalp, massaging for about two minutes. Add the remaining liquid and continue to massage into scalp for another two minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

The No Poo Movement

No, "poo" isn't baby talk for you-know-what; there is a growing segment of the population that is choosing to ban shampoo of any kind from their lives. They believe that washing with shampoo creates a vicious cycle: the shampoo dries your hair, you use conditioner to replenish the moisture, the conditioner makes your hair oily so you need to wash it again, and on and on and on. 

Some people actually opt to go WO, or water only, rinsing out the dirt and oil with plain water. Proponents of this method claim that it takes a while, but eventually their hair has a soft, shiny quality. Areas with hard water apparently present a problem, though; the minerals in the water build up on the hair and cause different problems, including a dry, crispy texture.

For the no poo devotees who prefer not to go WO, a regimen of baking soda and apple cider vinegar is the solution to clean hair without shampoo. This is another opportunity to make your own hair care: Mix a tablespoon of regular baking soda in a cup of warm or hot water. Make sure the baking soda is completely dissolved, then work the mixture into your hair and scalp.

Leave it in for a minute, more or less, and rinse with a solution made up of one or more tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water, massaging it into your scalp.

Follow by rinsing with cool water. No poo-ers claim that the vinegar smell will go away as the hair dries, and their hair stays clean for a longer period of time. In fact, all the online communities and forums indicate that for most people, their hair is healthier and more manageable since they switched to the no poo method.

Other Hair Care Products You Can Make Yourself

Once you find how easy, effective, and healthy it is to make your own hair care products, you may want to follow up your homemade shampoo with homemade conditioner or conditioning rinse, hair shine, gel, mousse, or even hair spray!

The formulations are too abundant to include in this article, but it's easy to find all kinds of recipes for homemade products to do everything from rehydrating dry hair to keeping excess oil under control. With just a little effort, you will be able to find a recipe for your hair that will detangle, defrizz, and add body, shine and non-toxic fragrance.

While some recipes you find online call for ingredients that may sound a bit exotic, there are plenty of items that are easily found in your neighborhood grocery store if you don't already have them in your pantry or refrigerator.

The natural ingredients include such staples as lemon juice, eggs, mayonnaise, avocado, yogurt, and even vodka (for its preservative effect). Obviously, when you make your own hair care product, the fresh ingredients will be perishable, so you can't make too much at one time, and most of your products should be kept refrigerated.

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, you will most likely enjoy the experience of creating your own shampoo and other hair care products to keep your hair looking its best. In addition, you'll be doing a favor to your health, your spirit, and the planet. Hair's to you! :)

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