Mineral Makeup Foundations That Don't Accentuate Wrinkles

What is the closest store to the San Francisco Bay Area? I would like to see in person all your powder and liquid foundation shades. I need foundation with UVA for my very unique skin tone/color. My skin color is somewhat like Heather Locklear's however with some rosacia, dry skin and wrinkles.

I used to use Bare Minerals Power Foundation SPF 15 in the color "Light". The yellow tint in the "Light" color bare minerals helped cover the rosacia, improve my skin tone and blend with my natural color well. The Clinique powder that covers rosacia is too yellow. Also all the foundation powders that I tried so far after wearing them for about 4 hours make my wrinkles look much worse than what they really are. Do you have any foundation makeup with UVA that I can wear over my favorite moisturizer that stays put all day long and doesn’t accentuate wrinkles after several hours of wear?

Hi, and thanks for your message. Our site My Sensitive Skin Care works with several skin care companies as affiliate partners, however we don't have any storefronts where you could go in and browse to see how the products might look on your face.

Yes, I too have had the problem of most mineral makeup powders which can accentuate the wrinkles on the skin. It can also be challenging to find the right shade.

I do not have a lot of experience with mineral makeup, but I've included what I do know here, both from the brands I've tried, and also from my
research for safe, non-toxic brands.

1. Cleure Mineral Makeup is very safe an non-toxic, comes in 8 shades, is affordable and provides good coverage without skin irritation. My own experience was that using their loose mineral powders did accentuate my wrinkles, and looked a little "flat" unless I mixed it with my moisturizer. I would recommend that you also get their Rice Veil powder which provides a safe translucent finish without Bismuth Oxychloride which can cause skin irritations.

2. The Wholesale Skin Care Products that I use and recommend have a very small but exceptional line of mineral powders. There are only four shades, and the company makes it rather challenging to purchase, but they are truly outstanding in the way they provide a translucent finish WITHOUT settling into wrinkles. I had to get two shades to mix them to match my skin.

3. Jane Iredale is a very popular brand of Bismuth free mineral makeup which I have not yet tried personally, but I have researched and will try them at some point. They also provide sample packs, and they have a wide variety of shades you can try. You may be able to find this brand in some stores in your area.

4. Suki Cosmetics are very popular and are made for people with sensitive skin. You still would want to do a skin test to make sure that you will not react to the ingredients. I haven't tried them myself but this is another brand I would use because the ingredients are safe and they appear to work really well.

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