Moisturizer and Sunscreen for Face

by Elissa

thank you for making this site, it's helped me so much already. i am 43 yo caucasion woman that has just been told i have rosacea and allergy to ppd and lanolin which has been quite stressful as you can imagine.

i see all your recommendations and wondering if you've ever come across a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen 30 for face and body in all your research?

thanks for any help you can provide me.

feeling grateful-

Our reply

Hi Elissa, thanks so much for your warm words. I'm so glad that our site has been helpful and supportive to you! :)

Yes, I too have looked for skincare products that are both a moisturizer and also with a safe sunscreen in them. The reason for this is that so many safe sunscreens make you look as white as a sheet and do not absorb.

Also, I have found it tiresome to have to use a moisturizer, then sunscreen, and then some kind of mineral makeup just to go out in the sun!

I haven't yet personally tried these yet, but I have researched these options for safe facial moisturizer and sunscreens combined, or at least if not a moisturizer, that provide a safe makeup coverage so your skin is not white.

Sunscreen Plus Moisturizers

Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF
has a nice, short list of product ingredients (that is always better for sensitive skin) and like many of these products comes in a based of Aloe Vera. It is well reviewed and customers seem to appreciate the product overall.

Sun*Si'Belle+ SPF 50 Organic Triple Action Moisturizer is well reviewed and with a higher SPF than other similar products. It has a longer list of ingredients which may create more potential for reacting to one of them if you have sensitive skin.

Sun*Si'Belle Organic Triple Action Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30+ scent free is considered a moisturizing sunscreen, and is very well reviewed and claims to have no scent.

John Masters Organics Spf 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen does not contain moisturizer but has a short ingredients list and contains several moisturizing ingredients, which may work for some. It has not been reviewed yet but may be worth a try if the ingredients are a better fit for you than the above products.

Sunscreen Plus Safe Foundation Makeup

If you don't mind forgoing the moisturizer, the Marie Veronique Moisturizing Face Cream has an SPF of 30 and goes on smoothly without being greasy, and provides makeup coverage. You'll need to be sure you get the right shade. This needs to be applied over moisturizer.

I hope these may be helpful for you!

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