my facial skin condtion??

by mahy
(egypt) 25 years old female living in egypt,,i have been suffering from a condition which i still dont know in my face since i was 18...basically i have mild oily skin and hair and my skin was very good expect for some blackheads on my nose,,and all of a sudden all my face starts to exfoliate,dry(to the extent i sometimes cant open my mouth from dryness),flaky,itchy and small red spots scattered all over my face more on my cheeks,,and also the blackheads increased in number on my nose and my cheeks,and also react badly to any topical creams when i put on my face(expect the steroids ointment but of course i dont use them for long period coz of their side effects)..and also my face got worsen in the sun,went to many dermatologists,,when said u have seborrheic dermatitis(i used to have dandruff on my scalp but now stopped) and other doctors said i have roscea (early form of it)..but both prescribed low dose accutane (10mg three times a week)and said i dont have any other options coz im sensitive to all creams(which is very weird)

im just asking,can this be seborrheic dermatitis??
and im using pears soap and i dont know whether its good or bad coz my face is always bad :( just thinking wht is the best cleansing for me?

thanks alot for ur concern and sorry for the long post:)

Our reply Hi Mahy, and thanks for your message. I am not a doctor and so I do not know what type of skin condition you may have, but I do have some suggestions that you may find helpful. First, download our free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally which offers a complete program for helping you to clear up your skin using natural methods. The medications and creams you are using may help control the symptoms of your facial skin condition, but there are lots of simple, natural solutions that can help improve your overall health. We also have a section on natural body cleansing which can help to strengthen your body's elimination systems, which can also help to clear up your skin.

Also, on the left hand navigation of our site you will see a place called "Essential Info" which has links to four pages on our site that will help you to find new ways to clear up your skin. I hope this information is helpful for you. Please let us know how it goes for you!

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