My skin is a mess

by Pam

Hi, my skin is breaking out constantly and is also extremely dry. Anytime I try to put moisturizer on it breaks out more.

I have been using baking soda and water to wash, and have tried avocado oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil and all of them make my skin break out. Use apple cider vinegar to treat the pimple which helps some and aloe vera juice to reduce the redness which helps some.

I am seeing a nutritionist for correct eating and am on supplements to help balance out my system. But my skin is still very unhappy. Tried Dr. Hauska products, which helped for awhile, but started having the same problem again. I was using bare escentuals mineral makeup, but I think that is also irritating my skin.

Help! I am a nurse and can[t have open lesions on my face and need to cover up the irritated areas, but that only makes it worse. Would love to do the make my own facial recipes because I am tired of spending money on all organic facial products that aren't helping at all.

I sent a email to get your free E-book but never received a confirmation email. I would really appreciate your reply and advice.

Our reply

Hi Pam, thanks so much for your message, and my deepest apologies for the delay in my response. We have had a death in our family and my availability has been tremendously limited. I will send you a link to the eBook, through the e-mail you submitted here, and I also recommend that you try subscribing to receive the free eBook with another e-mail address, as we have found Yahoo and AOL e-mail addresses are less reliable in being able to receive e-mails.

Yes, it can be difficult to find out exactly what is irritating your skin. Even organic or natural skin care products may have an ingredient or two that can cause a reaction.

That is wonderful that you are working with a
nutritionist to help your body attain optimal health. This will get better!

I recommend you check the ingredients in the Bare Escentuals makeup, as it may contain Bismuth Oxychloride which can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin. Sometimes it takes a few months for the symptoms of Bismuth Oxychloride irritation to appear, and I recommend you stop using any mineral makeup with this ingredient. See our page on best mineral makeup for sensitive skin.

Dr. Hauska products are wonderfully natural, organic ingredients however if you are allergic to even one of the botanical ingredients then these could be provoking a reaction on your skin.

I would recommend (and I am not a doctor, just a fellow person with sensitive skin) that you give your skin a break from everything for a day or two ... even natural substances ... just to let it calm down.

Simpler is better, rather than overwhelming your body with lots of ingredients.

When you feel ready to try a skin care product again, I would recommend Cleure hypoallergenic products. They contain no plant allergens, and they make skin care, hair care, cosmetics and dental products that are simple, non-toxic and they work very well.

I've been using and recommending Cleure for several years now and so far no one I've referred has ever complained of getting a reaction from the products. See our hypoallergenic products section for more on how to use them effectively.

You may also want to read our section on cleansing and detoxification, as sometimes when you change your diet, even if the changes are positive and healthy, your body may go through a period of detox symptoms such as increased skin rashes, as your system clears out.

Also we have a section on dry sensitive skin which may have some additional tips. Also, be sure to get enough Essential Fatty Acids in your diet, and to drink plenty of water.

I hope these are helpful and I hope our eBook can be helpful for you!

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Dec 29, 2011
I don't know what product should I use?
by: Karen

I'm 16 year old and I have acne problem with along blackheads on my face plus oily face. I try many products and it really mess my skin up. Everyday I wash my face with a face wash product and later it make my face really oily. My face can become really reddish. Something it can be really dry. I don't want should I do. Can you tell me what best product I should use for my acne, blackhead, oily, redness, something dry? Thanks

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