My son has sensitive skin

by Bethany

I am looking for some tips on helping my son's skin issues. He is six and each year beginning the end of March or early April he will break out in the bends of his arms. The dr. has told us it is eczema and gave us a cream for it. We have recently moved to a new area. He broke out as normal in the bend of his arms but also this year across the top of his chest and in his armpits. We are now in a dryer climate and his little face gets very dry as well as his eye lids. He scratches his legs a lot in the night. They do not have the look of eczema (no redness or anything), just dryness and he itches. We are looking into getting a water softener to see if that will help his skin. Thank you for any tips you can give.

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for your message. I'm so sorry that your son is having ongoing skin problems. Children are especially sensitive as their immune systems are still developing, and eczema is related to immune functioning. There are a lot of helpful tips on self help Treatments for Eczema section, including dietary and natural treatments. You'll also see many related articles that you may find helpful there.

ne option you may want to consider is to have your son tested for food allergies. Sometimes a simple change in diet can help to clear up skin problems. Many of today's common foods can be allergy producing such as milk, eggs, wheat, corn, peanuts or dairy products. Food allergies can cause skin problems, and can sometimes be a challenge to figure out even for doctors.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you can find a solution for your son's skin problems. Please let us know what you discover!

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