Natural Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

These natural beauty tips for sensitive skin will benefit your health and help you to create radiant, clear skin!

Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tip #1 - Natural Beauty Starts Within

Yes, natural beauty starts with you being YOURSELF. Honoring who you are, listening to your inner being. Caring for your body like it is your own child!

Nurture your body with pure water, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and simple, unprocessed foods. This one choice that you make will make a huge difference in your appearance. Your skin, your hair and your nails will ALL benefit.

Give up the junk food and sugar, both of which contribute to premature again and toxicity in your body. The glow of radiant good health is VERY beautiful!

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes which cause premature and aging. If you are young, you won't see the effect today, but you WILL! The good news is, when you make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle, your body has the miraculous capacity to reverse the damage. There IS hope!

Natural Beauty Tip #2 - Treat Your Skin Gently

Imagine that your skin is like the skin of a young child. Treat it lovingly and gently! You don't need to pile on a ton of skin care products to have beautiful skin. Less is more!

You want to cleanse and nourish your skin effectively but without overwhelming your body with 100 different ingredients. Any one of those ingredients could irritate your sensitive skin. These simple and effective natural beauty tips for cleansing, toning and exfoliating your sensitive skin will give you some great ideas for using safe and natural ingredients that are inexpensive and easily available in your kitchen!

Natural Beauty Tip #3 - Use Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is such a wonderful invention for those of us who have sensitive skin. It looks great, will not clog your pores, and also has natural sun protection ingredients which prevent your skin from aging. Once you learn how to apply it you will be happy with the results and will look fantastic. See our mineral makeup section to learn more about how to apply mineral powders and how to choose brands which will not irritate sensitive skin.

Natural Beauty Tip #4 - Exercise Your Body AND Your Face!

We have all heard about the benefits of exercise which tones our bodies, helps to boost our circulation and our metabolism, and normalizes our weight.

You might not have heard about the major benefits of facial exercise! Facial exercise is sometimes called a non-surgical face lift because the results are so dramatic.

Facial exercise improves your complexion, smooths wrinkles and helps you to have that healthy radiant glow. Facial exercise tones your face so you have less wrinkles and sagging.

I've been doing facial exercise for just a month now and already I am beginning to get compliments from my husband! :-) In addition to that I notice my sensitive skin is less prone to rashes and outbreaks and that my complexion is clearer.

A word of caution ... not all facial exercise programs are alike! I learned this the hard way. You can end up with an unevenly built face, and a bulky appearance if you don't do a comprehensive program that systematically addresses all the muscles of the face.

I initially tried out a few free facial exercises for different areas of my face, but they ended up making some of my wrinkles worse!

I wasn't happy about this so I did some research into facial exercise. I looked into a lot of different programs and finally chose Carolyn's Facial Fitness program.

Carolyn is a former model and passionate about facial exercise, and has done years and years of research on the topic. Her program that takes just 15 minutes a day and produces quite stunning results.

Carolyn herself is a living example of what facial exercise can do. On her site she shares photos of how she looked before facial exercise, which was over 12 years ago. Now in her sixties, She looks absolutely gorgeous, radiant, and naturally beautiful. See Carolyn's Before and After Pictures

Natural Beauty Tip #5 - Use Non-toxic Products

So many of the products we use every day contain harmful chemicals that we are not aware of until we develop a health problem, or until we look in the mirror and see ourselves looking, well, NOT very good!

If you take a moment to read the labels on your household cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, and skin care products, you will quickly learn that you are being exposed to a lot of unnecessary chemicals every day.

These chemicals have an impact on our bodies and affect our functioning and our health. When our health begins to suffer, then our appearance does too. We begin to sag and bag and look old before our time. And we notice that we just don't feel so great anymore!

As soon as you begin to take care of your body, you will notice a difference in your appearance. I have noticed this myself that since I began using safe skin care products my skin looks and feels so much softer and healthier.

I saw this very funny sign at our local health food store which sums it up perfectly. It said "Due to the unusually youthful appearance of our customers, please let us know if you qualify for a Senior Citizen Discount"

You can avoid a lot of problems by taking a little extra time to avoid unnecessary toxins in your home and on your body. This will also save you money, as you will learn how to avoid toxic products and find simple, natural and VERY inexpensive solutions right in your kitchen! I know this takes a little extra time in the beginning, but I promise you will LOVE the results once you are using fewer toxins in your home and on your skin!

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