Need to Find a Good Hypoallergenic Hair Spray

I am breaking out in tiny bumps and larger whelps on my face, across my upper back, on my shoulders, neck; the places that are broken out burn like fire.

I am sure it is hair spray and perfume. I have tried Clinique Hair Spray and New Image Hypo-allergenic Hair spray and I am still experiencing the problem. I am taking Benedryl and using hydrocortisone cream. I went through this 33 years ago, allergic to EVERYTHING but after about 12 years I was able to tolerate most products. It started with the hairspray and perfume then.

I am still using Clinique skin care and make-up. Can you tell me what hairspray to try and where I can purchase it? I may have developed an allergy to all my hair products. It is going to be the process of elimination, at this point.

Our reply:

Hi, and thank you for writing. Yes, most hairsprays and perfumes are absolutely loaded with chemicals. Perfume especially is highly allergenic, and is considered among the top 5 allergens in the world.

When we have allergic reactions, our immune systems are telling us that they are overloaded. One way to help this is to remove as many irritants as you can from your body and your environment for the time being, and then strengthen your overall health so that your body can manage with the "normal" (in today's world) types of chemical irritants.

My free eBook offers a simple, five step process for doing this, and you are welcome to request a copy while it is available, here at Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally.

Even eliminating perfumes can be a challenge in today's world, but it can be done. I could write a book on that myself! :-) Try to find products that say "fragrance free" or "no added fragrance", or that do
not include "fragrance" in their ingredients list.

Some natural or organic products will contain essential oils for fragrance, and some of these may be fine even if you are allergenic, depending on the purity of those oils, and which ones are used.

Nowadays there are more cosmetic companies starting to pay attention and offer less irritating products, however there is still a long way to go. Finding a good hypoallergenic hair spray is really quite a challenge. I can't tell you how many requests I get for this!

I keep checking periodically and here's what I've discovered so far.

The Organic Perfect Hold Hair Spray is the safest of what I've found, and may work well for you if you're not allergic to salicylates or herbs. The holding power of the hair spray comes from acacia gum and it contains safe, organic ingredients.

Another brand called Free and Clear Hair Spray contains some ingredients which can be moderately irritating, but many customers say it works well. It contains SD alcohol which can be difficult for some, and the firm hold spray contains PEG-12 dimethicone which is also moderately irritating, but they contain relatively few ingredients, which means you are less likely to react to them, and they contain no parabens, fragrances or other commonly used irritating chemicals.

Free & Clear Hair Spray - Soft, Hold and Free & Clear Hair Spray - Firm Hold

One of my favorite hypoallergenic companies used to carry a hypoallergenic hair spray that was completely safe and also had no botanical allergens. They do plan to bring it back into stock later on. When they do I'll be announcing this to my free eBook members and newsletter subscribers, and you are welcome to sign up to be notified.

UPDATE - We've found some new choices for hypoallergenic hair spray. I hope you find these helpful!

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May 12, 2015
A better option
by: My Sensitive Skincare

Hi Denise, thanks for letting me know this. At the time that I added Free and Clear Hairspray, it did not contain this ingredient. Companies frequently change their product ingredients so I appreciate your updating me. I will look into this and update my recommendations.

I've been experimenting with homemade hair sprays such as using sea salt and water, which seems to work well to thicken and hold hair, and is very affordable and non-irritating. It can be challenging to find a spray bottle that won't clog

There are other solutions as well, for example Cleure makes an effective hypoallergenic hair gel, it isn't a spray but does an excellent job of holding hair. I use this by applying to wet hair, spreading it through the hair and then styling. If it looks too 'gel' like, using a hair brush once the hair is dry will distribute the gel more evenly.

May 08, 2015
Free and clear hair spray
by: Denise

Free and clear hair spray contains polyurethane. That is a very toxic chemical.

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