No dairy, no sharp cheeses, no milk, low carbs, lots of saltless nuts!

by Cyndi

I used a lot of amino acid N.O. drinks for weight lifting in a hot gym that started the whole nose flareup ordeal with red painful papules. The diet drinks really kicked in the mess with all the artificial sweeteners and and citric acids.

I had to cover my face with heavy makeup to
get out of the house. That was when I was in my mid forties. Now, seven years later, I now only use Covergirl Regular (not the Sensitive one which actually burns my face more!), and definitely no OIL-FREE which is impossible to rinse off.

I thought it was acne so I always used oil free which is loaded with dimethicone a huge aggravator of my skin. I hate dimethicone-it is in everything including most creams and sunscreen. I can't even use sunscreen anymore due to the burning sensation.

I haven't had dairy since my last outbreak
at Christmas. I have been on every RX imaginable including Metrogel, sulphacetamide lotion, and am now taking extra strong Doryx 150 mg. which is settling my papules down. Two IPL's did
not help except for a day or so (huge waste of money).

I eat little breads, and cereals with niacin. I eat very little before bed. Peanuts are okay. I keep the house cold at night - 68 degrees no higher. I am wondering when I will ever get off of Doryx since I have now been on it one month after stopping Oracea 40 mg-weakier dose months ago due to expense.

Doryx is cheaper. It is strong but now after two weeks of it I take a half of one. I am down to one red hard papule but my nose still swells on one side and itches a bit. After years of trial and error, i take no vitamins since
the B vits seem to make things worse. A cabinet full of herbs and anti-inflammatory things went in the trash. Boswelia, grape seed extract make the
papules red and sweltering.

Again, my rosacea is not the red face but the painful red welts looking like acne that never
come to a head. It is not an infection but a vascular thing. I have a painfully strict diet but had pound cake with fresh blueberries (no sauce) with dairy-free topping last night and all is fine this morning. Blueberries okay but strawberries and oranges and lemons are a no-no for me. No iced tea. Commercial iced tea is loaded with citric acid as a preservative. It can be listed as "plain" and still have citric acid. Drank it all the time at work along with diet Pepsit - my face was horrible then. Noticed peaches are okay but chile salsa and mexican
food is makes my nose swell bigtime. Used to think it was the tomatoes but it is the chiles..

Pasta is to be limited due to the niacin-read the ingredients! Again, I thought it was the tomato in the spaghetti sauce. It's the pasta making me swell. If I have pasta and bread the next day I am a swollen mess. I have papular rosacea on my nose with swelling mostly in the morning. The papules can scar so after many creams I am
helping slight scarring with Philosophy Miracle Worker PM. Rinse off after 15 minutes.

Don't use the Miracle Worker AM on rosacea. Only the PM helps the scars. I bought it on e-bay cheap. All other Philosophy products bothered my
papules including the makeup remover cloths for 20.00! I tossed the moisturizer (Hope in a Jar) and the Miracle Worker AM. The MW AM caused another flareup - Good luck, cyndi

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Apr 23, 2013
Thank you for sharing your experience
by: My Sensitive Skincare

Hi Cyndi, thank you so much for sharing your experience of dealing with rosacea. You have had long years of experience and so have learned what works and what doesn't work for your unique body. That is inspiring as I am sure many of our readers who are first diagnosed with rosacea may feel overwhelmed at trying to figure out a solution. It may take time, but it is possible! I too have found that some types of supplements can actually make my skin problems worse. We are all so unique, and although it takes time to get to know our bodies, it is certainly worthwhile, as this makes it possible to minimize chronic skin problems.

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