Opalii Skin Care

OPALII Skin Care is formulated specifically for a Sensitive-Acne Prone Skin types. Our product is non-irritant, non-acnegenic, contains no harsh chemicals and no harmful ingredients.

In general, it is suitable for all skin types whether you have a sensitive, oily, dry, acne-prone, or mature skin.

Our goal is and always be to guarantee that OPALII Skin Care is as healthy, safe, and beneficial as it is effective. It will keep your skin to stay young, clear, and healthy looking for years to come.

We believe in minimalism and for us, less is always more. Our product, OPALII serum is a multi functional all-in-one anti-aging skin care for face and eyes.

It would help simplifying your daily skin care routine by using only one product instead of several products from toner, serum, moisturizer,and eye cream.

Our anti-aging serum was formulated to provide continual moisturization, replenish skin's moisture barrier, promote elasticity, improve an appearance of fine lines, wrinkle, slackening, redness, yellowness, blotchiness, scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. It also helps to brighten skin and improve an appearance of hyper-pigmentation. The serum is also beneficial to people who are suffering from acne especially adult acne type.

Our serum is "hydrophilic" which means it is formulated to attract and deliver water, the true form of moisture into your skin. Yet, many moisturizers in the market emphasis the usage of heavy oils and waxes.

These oils and waxes do not provide true form of moisture. Their functions are merely to lubricate the skin. This lubrication will in fact obstruct your skin's natural functions. When using these types of moisturizers, dry skin may temporarily feel
better due to the lubrication, but it does not provide true form of moisture your skin needs in order to keep it healthy.

What makes OPALII skin care unique is not only what is in our product, but what "is not" in it. Because we formulate our product with your health in mind, when choosing the ingredients, we not only look at the possible benefits they can contribute to your skin, but also at any adverse effects they might cause.

While consumers tend to believe that natural ingredients are safer than synthetic ones, the assumption is in fact far from the truth. As a matter of fact, whether they are naturals or synthetics, they both are forms of chemicals no matter whichever their sources are.

Our body is by no way able to distinguish between different sources of chemicals whether they are synthetic chemicals or naturally-occurring chemicals. Any effect on our body, positive, negative, or neutral is absolutely identical if the chemical is truly nature identical.

As such, we do not assume that natural is safe and synthetic chemical is unsafe. We rely on the scientific researches in order for us to formulate as effective and safe product as we possibly can.

As not commonly known, there are only a handful of plants and natural oils that will not cause allergic reactions, thus, we weed out so many ingredients that have great potential skin benefits when there is an evidence or a research that suggests the possible adverse effects. We also do not include any known allergens nor ingredients that cause photosensitivity in our products.

OPALII Skin Care
Fairfax, VA

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