Perfume Allergy and Sensitive Skin

by Terina
(Blanchester Ohio)

My daughter is breaking out and I don't know what it is and i have taken her to the doctor twice and they have gave her medicine but i don't like her taking a lot of medication because medicine can also have bad things in them.So what should i do.

Our reply

Hi Terina, thanks for your message. I understand, medicines have their own side effects and so it is wise to be cautious. Your daughter's doctors can treat the skin rash symptoms she is having, but you will need to find out what is the cause of her breakouts in order to be able to find another way to stop her skin from breaking out.

For example, if you think your daughter may have a perfume allergy, then have her stop using products with added fragrance (which is almost every skincare and personal care product out there!!)

More and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of perfumes and are creating fragrance free products or no-added-fragrance products.

Our site has many educational resources which can help you to find a more natural approach for your daughter's sensitive skincare. Here are some of the books and articles you may find helpful for your daughter:

Our Free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally

What Causes Sensitive Skin? will let you know some of the root causes of chronic skin rashes.

Safe Cosmetics - how the ingredients in skincare products can affect sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic Products - Why almost all hypoallergenic products on the market today can still cause the skin to break out.

Fragrance Allergies and how they can affect your skin.

Safe Skin Care Products - these are products we have tried that are less likely to cause your skin to break out.

I hope these can be helpful for your daughter Terina! Please let us know how these work for you.

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Aug 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

i also have a problem with this. i get breathing difficulties when my classmates spray perfume and deodorant. they sprayed it on my body and after a while, my body had rashes.

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