Photosensitivity and Hyper Sensitive Skin

What is your main sensitive skin problem? Hyper sensitive to everything

What problems do you face in taking care of your skin? my skin is photosensitive and no product of any brand is responding on my is dull and glowless.

What is the best thing you found on our site? suggestion of doing exercise and eating healthy food

Our reply

Hi, and thank you for writing. I am so glad you have found our site helpful! We have a section on photosensetivity here at our Sun Allergy section which has some information you may find helpful such as home remedies and other natural solutions for sun allergy.

We also have some information on several different safe sensitive skin care product lines.

The least irritating, safest and most effective hypoallergenic products I can recommend are Cleure.

The product line that you may find most helpful for restoring a healthy glow is here at our Wholesale Skin Care Products page and they require some explanation so there is a brief e-mail tour to explain how they work.

You may also find our free eBook helpful which has some additional suggestions for your skin health here at

I hope you find these helpful! Thanks so much for writing and sharing.

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