Pregnancy Caused Skin Problems

I had pretty clear skin through my teenage years and early twenties, with just the occasional breakouts around the time of my period. When I became pregnant with my daughter(now 2) I began to break out really badly and my face became very red. It was incredibly painful and made me very self conscious. After I had my daughter I had hoped that this affliction would go away. I was not that lucky! It did get slightly better, but I am still very red on my cheeks and forehead with bumps. My skin is very dry and flaky in these areas as well, so it is almost impossible to cover up the redness. I believe that I have rosacea, but have yet to go see a dermatologist about it because I am afraid of what they may want to prescribe to me. I desperately want my clear skin and confidence back. Could the hormonal changes from my pregnancy be to blame, and if so why am I still having these flare ups?

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for your message. I understand how frustrating and embarrassing this can be, especially so long after your pregnancy. I understand your reluctance to seek a dermatologist's advice, however I would recommend that you at least go to get a consultation and a diagnosis first, before you make any decisions about treatment.

There is no requirement that you undergo the treatments that your dermatologist recommends, and once you have a better idea of what exactly is going on, you'll be able to find solutions that will work for you.

Our site has extensive resources that can be helpful to you in finding natural and self help approaches to chronic skin conditions, however these never take the place of a qualified medical opinion which can help you to understand what kind of skin problem you are dealing with.

Once you know what is happening, then you can think about the different treatment choices available and try the ones that you feel will best help. I know it can feel intimidating to go to a doctor, however you are the one who is in control and will be making choices about treatment. No matter how much training a doctor has, you have more experience with your body than they do. Think of your doctor as your partner and coach, not as the ultimate authority on your unique body! :-)

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