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Releve' Organic Skin Care Line

Releve' Organic Skin Care Line

We have created a line of unique, 100% organic skincare products that will rejuvenate and nourish your sensitive skin, reduce the effects of aging, and enhance your natural beauty. They will help dramatically improve wrinkles, tighten sagging facial and neck skin, and correct acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and large pores with continuous use. We have carefully developed our products so that you can improve the appearance and health of your skin without compromising with any ingredients that may be harmful or irritating.

Our all-natural products are hypoallergenic, and breathe life into your skin by pushing in much-needed nutrients, while pulling out toxins that prevent skin from restoring itself to a healthy balance. The power of all our products is derived only from nature, as it should be. We manufacture all our products ourselves, using proprietary bio-extractions processes and a unique, miraculous clay that's only available in our line. We also source our own active ingredients, which include the freshest organic or wild-crafted ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, grasses and minerals. Relevé™ products contain no chemicals or toxic preservatives. Nor do we test on animals or use animal products in our ingredients.

We have spent nearly 20 years developing this extraordinary skin care line so that you can enjoy beautifully vibrant skin that is truly as nature intended it. Here are a few brief descriptions that will show you how our products are unique to the industry.

Clay Cleansing Bar

This organic, mineral-rich bar is made with our exceptional proprietary montmorillorite clay that contains a special fulvic acid mineral complex that's scientifically proven to extend longevity of human cell integrity and overall skin health.

Proprietary herbal and other natural ingredients also synergize with the clay to leave just the right amount of saponified oils and natural glycerin in the skin. This combination moisturizes your skin from within instead of coating the skin with artificial alternatives.

Our Clay Cleansing Bar will deep clean and nourish your skin beyond any other bar you've ever tried. Its natural exfoliating properties leave skin feeling healthy and looking vibrant, and prepare skin for the beneficial effects of all our other products in the Relevé™ Skincare line.

Organic Body Lotion

Our organic body lotion is a full body skin quencher and beautifier. It was designed to protect and nourish your skin without any harsh chemicals or irritants.

We make our lotion from the finest natural, organic, wild-crafted plant and vegetable-derived extracts available. Organic, hand-filleted Aloe Vera is one of our main ingredients. The Aloe plant is known not only for its soothing properties, but for its healing and anti-irritation abilities.

To get the full benefit of the plant, we hand-cut the leaves and scrape along the inner leaf to capture the full range of nutrients and enzymes. Other skincare companies process Aloe leaves in large crushers, which significantly impairs the plant's healing and medicinal properties. And unlike other companies, we don't add water. What goes
into your skin is the highest-quality, purest Aloe you will find.

Plus, natural extracts with antioxidant functions provide extra protection from harmful UVB rays. Then finally, we add organic beeswax, raw honey, grape seed oil, and a proprietary herbal extract to create a truly fabulous all-purpose body lotion that is mild enough to use on sensitive facial skin.

Nutri-Zyme™ Organic Peel

Our Organic Peel improves the health and appearance of your skin with certified organic ingredients. We bring you the most effective non-chemical exfoliating skin peel ever created.

Our all natural plant derived face peel contains special enzymes allowing you to gently and effectively remove the outer layer of dead skin from your face while delivering a superior whole food based source of retinol into your skin.
Through our whole food bio-extraction process, we fuse organic pineapples, papaya, passion fruit, asparagus tips, horseradish, bamboo, mushroom, seaweed into a gel that is safe and extremely effective.

Use every other day for about a month, and you're assured results similar to a commercial, medical skin peel without the anesthesia, swelling or down time, and at a fraction of the cost.

Clay Mineral Mask

We use a propriety montmorillorite clay that contains a fulvic acid mineral complex scientifically proven to extend longevity of human cell integrity and overall skin health. Our mineral mask also includes the essences of 24 proprietary extracted organic and/or wild-crafted herbs that have been proven to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

You'll not only experience outstanding exfoliation, hydration and anti-oxidant protection; your pores will become smaller and skin will be smoother, toned and tightened leaving a radiant, youthful and vibrant glow.

Luxotic™ Organic Face Moisturizer

What's the secret? We take 5 pounds of the same incredible rare clay we use in our Clay Mineral Mask (never before available in a beauty or cosmetic product - and we have exclusive rights) and meticulously extract approximately 80 rare minerals including gold and platinum. Gold reestablishes cellular connections, and platinum is considered the ultimate anti-oxidant that also helps moisturize.

To this we add powerful extracts of Frankincense, Kigelia, and MSM blended into an organic cream base of hand-filleted Aloe, Beeswax, and free saturated fatty acid LMTs that we extract from Coconut Oil and Lecithin.

This proprietary process makes Luxotic™ a truly unrivaled moisturizer that will not only feed your skin, but through your skin will feed your entire body.

You can find more detailed information on these products and the entire line of our organic skin care products on our website. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions we can help answer about the products. Please take the time to listen to our audio description of the products by the man who developed them over the past 20 years, it really is an amazing story. Thank you for trusting us with your skin.

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