Really Sensitive Skin

by Addie

I am a young woman of mixed parentage and i live in the skin is extremely sensitive,i have enlarged pores and wondering if its safe for me to have facials done, becuz in the past all they've ever done for me, was make my skin turn purple,bleeding and swollen..

Our reply

Hi Addie, I am so sorry to hear about the terrible pain you've experienced through having facials. Your skin is telling you that the ingredients used in these facials are too irritating.

I recommend that you avoid having facials until your skin is clear, and then start by doing some gentle homemade facials using one or two ingredients. You can find some Natural Beauty Recipes here on our site which are made especially for sensitive skin. There are also some gentle Skin Care Tips for cleansing, toning and exfoliating sensitive skin. I hope these are helpful for you Addie in finding gentler facials for your very sensitive skin.

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