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Jul 13, 2013
helpful website
by: Jenny

Are you familiar with the Australian website
There you can read about other's experiences with food intolerances and salicylate contents in food and products. Sue and Howard Dengate have done a tremendous amount of work to educate the public and also have instigated a lot of changes in food manufacturers' additives. I would have to say this website and the Failsafe way of eating has saved my life. I have had three major anaphylactic episodes, landing in hospital ER where none of the doctors had a clue about salicylate intolerance .. or even what had salicylate in it (except for aspirin) . I also have a big problem with the flavour enhancer 635 .. and MSG to a lesser extent. I have not done their elimination diet as such but have avoided salicylate and any of the flavour enhancers as much as I can ... and I can recognise when I am building up now. If I keep going I know I will break out in hives but so far I have avoided the full blown anaphylaxis ... by taking CARB SODA (bi-carb) in water first and then, if necessary an antihistamine tablet. The quick acting Polaramine make me very drowsy so I try to only take them at night but the Telfast type are OK during the day but are slower acting.
I have only just started reading your website but, so far, I haven't read anything about Carb Soda. Maybe you already know about it? A bath or foot soak with it in is also very helpful to reverse the effects of too much exposure to salicylate.

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