Recovering from Alopecia Universalis

by Amel
(United kingdom)

I m 37 and I lost my hair from head to toes after my first delivery 7 years ago

I am taking actually levothyroxine 150 mg everyday and last years
I tried almost everything from the doctor home remedies and acupuncture yoga and many more
I know there are no solution actually but a need to continue my research
It s help me to have a certain continuity in my life style
Can you please help me to find the way to manage this alopecia with advice and support
Thank you all
Amel a

Our reply

Hi Amel, thank you for your message. Yes, that is very good that you are creating continuity and regularity to your daily schedule. This does help with any kind of health challenge.

There are a number of helpful online web communities that provide support for people who are experiencing Alopecia. Although I cannot add more to these helpful resources, my own personal experience with similar conditions has taught me the following. I hope these can be helpful to you in your research and journey to find solutions for hair loss.

1. Each of us is unique and so what works for someone else may not work for you.

2. Our bodies are always changing, so what may be helpful for you at one time, may not work for you at another time.

3. We all have intuition and inner wisdom that can guide us to those things we need for healing. Your intention to connect more deeply to your inner knowing will help you to have a more direct experience of this gift.

4. If you experienced the hair loss after giving birth, there may be some hormonal imbalance or change that affected your health. You probably already know this, but I'm adding this for others who may be searching for solutions to Alopecia Universalis.

5. Our bodies have their own kind of wisdom, and you may find it helpful to dialog with your body, your hair, to see what messages it may have for you. (I have found this to be very enlightening!)

Readers, do you have any additional suggestions for Amel in recovering from Alopecia?

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