Review of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

by Susanne Simmons-Kopa
(New Zealand)


Hi Susanne, thank you for your question. This company uses Bismuth Oxychloride in their mineral makeup, an ingredient that can irritate sensitive skin. Some women who have used mineral cosmetics with Bismuth Oxychloride end up getting breakouts, rashes or even more severe outbreaks. This has happened even for those who don't consider themselves to have sensitive skin. Sometimes the effect is cumulative over time, so that you don't break out right away, but then a month or two later you suddenly get a rash. There is more on the effects of Bismuth Oxychloride here at our best mineral makeup for sensitive skin page.

Another ingredient of concern is their use of Retinyl Palmitate in their Mineral Primer product, which is an ingredient that is used in many skincare products, but which are considered a moderate health hazard by some cosmetics researchers because of its ability to create biochemical and cellular changes in the body. It's use in cosmetics is restricted in Canada.

I haven't looked through their whole product line, but there are other products that I personally would not recommend for sensitive skincare, for example their mascara which contains Propylene Glycol and fragrance.

Research on Propylene Glycol shows that it can be an irritant for the skin, and also the eyes and lungs. I'm not sure why cosmetics companies put this in mascara! Fragrance is one of the top allergens in the world, and so anyone with sensitive skin would benefit from avoiding using artificial fragrances. I've listed some of the ingredients that I recommend
that people with sensitive skin avoid here at our safe cosmetics page.

I've been looking for high performance, high quality mineral makeup for sensitive skin, and here are some of the choices I've come up with so far.

1. The brand that I use for mineral foundation is one that is not available in stores, it is a therapeutic mineral makeup and one of the few I've tried that does not accentuate wrinkles! :-) It is created by the folks who make one of the brands of skincare that I use, at our wholesale skincare products page.

2. The safest and least irritating mineral makeup I've found is by Cleure which is free of irritating chemicals, and also does not contain botanical or plant allergens. I use their mascara, lipstick, and their mineral highlighting powders like blush and tan glow. Please not that their older cosmetics such as the liquid foundations and pressed powders still contain parabens and other more irritating ingredients, which they are in the process of reformulating.

There are some brands I haven't yet tried, but their ingredients are non-irritating and safer, and they are well reviewed by other customers. So far the one's I like, that I look forward to trying myself at some point, are:

Jane Iredale

Suki Cosmetics


And there are a few other brands of mineral makeup here that I liked as well. As more people are becoming aware of the effect of cosmetic ingredients on sensitive skin, more cosmetic manufacturers are choosing to create safer and less irritating products. I hope this is helpful to you in finding a good mineral makeup!

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