Rosacea Natural Remedy

Relief from the embarrassing symptoms of rosacea can be achieved with a rosacea natural remedy, which can include dietary changes and some lifestyle changes along with supplements and proper facial care.

Those who suffer from rosacea know first hand how difficult it can be to manage the outbreaks, redness, and pustules that develop on the skin periodically. It can be an embarrassing, and for some, debilitating skin issue.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to eliminate breakouts and possibly eliminate the symptoms altogether!

Symptoms of Rosacea

Surprisingly, nearly 14 million women and men suffer from rosacea, but many of them don't realize that's what it is. Symptoms can include nodules on the surface of the skin that can be filled with pus, redness in the cheek, nose and chin areas, pink raised bumps on the surface of the skin, and sometimes spider veins as well.

As the skin condition advances without treatment, the nose can become rather large and can appear swollen. The skin can also thicken up in areas of the face and remain that way. People with rosacea are sometimes mistaken for alcoholics because of the persistent redness of the facial area.

Which Rosacea Natural Remedy Will Work for Me?

Rosacea is not definitively treated in the same exact way for every person. Physicians are still trying to figure out exactly what the cause of the skin condition is, but still aren't positively sure if it's one cause or multiple causes. That's why treating the condition isn't the same for everyone.

Here are several ways you can improve the appearance of your skin and combat rosacea.

The pH Factor for Rosaceans

There is a scientific aspect to this skin condition. The pH or acidity level inside the body has a direct affect on the symptoms of rosacea. The higher the acidity level inside the body, the more symptoms will appear.

How do you achieve the best level of alkalinity in your body in order to control rosacea symptoms? Drink water that has a pH of 7.3, which is more alkaline.

A good guideline is to consume beverages and foods that are mostly alkaline. Your food intake should include 10% of your nutrients from low acid meats, and the rest should be alkaline foods.

You'll need to avoid foods high in sugar, processed foods, and most carbohydrates

Lifestyle and Dietary Changes - Great Rosacea Natural Remedy

  • Drink water and lots of it! Water is responsible for cleansing the skin and for keeping it hydrated. It's vital to drink at least 10-12 eight ounce glasses of water per day to keep your skin from drying out and restricting blood flow.
  • Get adequate sleep each night - 6 to 8 hours per night
  • Facial massage - excellent for reducing inflammation and increasing circulation, which promotes the elimination of toxins from the skin
  • Read the labels on your skin care and makeup - avoid anything containing ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, alcohol, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, Vitamin C or Vitamin A, and acids
  • Moisturize the skin with jojoba oil
  • Exercise regularly - reduces stress and promotes circulation
  • Avoid muscle burning exercise or anything that makes your face get too heated - can exacerbate symptoms
  • Lose weight if needed and maintain healthy weight
  • Switch out pillowcase every other day, flipping it in between
  • Use fresh towels and washcloths each day
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks, tea, and cigarettes
  • Stay out of the direct sun whenever possible and always use a safe sunscreen for sensitive skin
  • Reduce your stress level - take time out to completely relax regularly

Natural Remedies - Oral and Topical

Homeopathic remedies taken internally on a daily basis are also helpful for treating rosacea from the inside of the body. Rosarex is one such remedy that can help to improve the health of facial blood vessels, make skin appear smoother and healthier, and can reduce the appearance of the pustules and red skin that accompanies rosacea.

The dosage is two tablets dissolved in water and taken three times per day, which could be challenging to remember throughout the day. The cost of this product at just under $40 for one bottle could be price prohibitive for some people, but it could also be more reasonable compared to a prescription medicine or other treatments.

One caution for people taking this homeopathic rosacea natural remedy - you must avoid candy flavored with mint or else the Rosarex won't work as described.

Topical rosacea remedies can also make a big difference. One such topical remedy that seems to work for some rosaceans is Clear Skin Wash by Native Remedies. It's an all natural facial wash that gently cleanses the skin while leaving it protected and moisturized.

Some people have said that their skin has improved within a day or so after use, whereas others have mentioned that they experienced more breakouts as a result. These varied results again point to the fact that no one rosacea natural remedy works for every person with rosacea.

Between the two products, Rosarex oral homeopathic remedy seems to work more effectively for more people, and Clear Skin Wash is a good choice for a supplementary topical natural remedy.

At Home Rosacea Natural Remedy Options

It's possible to use what is already in your home to treat your rosacea symptoms. Keep in mind that some of these may work for you, whereas others do not.

  • Make chamomile, green tea, or licorice tea and allow it to cool. Once it has cooled, apply it to your skin with a clean washcloth.
  • Dab lavender or tea tree oil directly onto the affected facial areas
  • Take 3 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar mixed with water orally up to three times per day
  • Include Vitamin C and Lysine supplements in your daily regimen
  • Eat a whole food diet as much as possible
  • Juicing - slowly incorporate freshly squeezed juices into your diet to see how your skin may react

There is hope for treating your rosacea! Keep researching and trying these tips we've shared with you and soon you'll enjoy clearer and more beautiful skin.

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