Sensitive Skin Treatment

Six Simple Steps to Glowing and Radiant Skin

Finding the right sensitive skin treatment will help your tender skin to become radiant, healthy, and free from eruptions, break outs and inflammation. Skin care for sensitive skin doesn't have to be difficult!

Simple and Natural Works Best

There are so many wonderful, healthy and simple ways to improve the natural beauty and radiance of your skin. Many of these methods are little known and I'm going to share them with you here so that you can find the right skin care treatment for your skin.

There are many different approaches to sensitive skin treatment and you may need to try several before finding the one that works best for you. There are dermatologists who prescribe medications and natural health care practitioners who prescribe dietary and lifestyle changes, and some professionals do a little of both!

Our approach at My Sensitive Skin Care is to help you discover what works for your unique body, and to share with you some little known whole body approaches that can in some cases completely reverse the symptoms of sensitive skin.

Our six part sensitive skin treatment plan addresses the challenges of sensitive skin from several different angles. Together, not only will your skin improve but you will find yourself healthier and more in touch with yourself.

Sensitive Skin Treatment #1 - Listen to Your Body

In order to develop the right sensitive skin treatment, you need to know what bothers it! Here are some questions that will help you figure out what may be triggering your skin eruptions, redness, inflammation, itching and breakouts.

  • Does your face break out after eating a particular kind of food or drink?
  • Do you get break outs when you are under stress?
  • Does your sensitive skin erupt after using a particular type of skin care product or cosmetic?
  • Does your skin break out when you change your skin care products?
  • Does your face become suddenly red when you change temperature or drink something hot?
  • Do you get acne, itching or skin break outs when you don't sleep enough?
  • Is your skin always inflamed, red and itching, no matter what you are doing?

You may find it helpful to keep a diary or to jot down whenever you get a skin eruption to learn more about any patterns you see. The more you know, the more you can do to help!

Sensitive Skin Treatment #2 - Avoid Products with Fragrance

Artificial fragrance is one of the five top allergic substances in the world. Fragrances are added to all kinds of products, not only skin and hair care products and personal care products but cosmetics, hair colorants, nail polishes, air fresheners and more. Fragrances cause allergic reactions and are potent neurotoxins.

If there is just one thing you could do as a sensitive skin treatment, it should be this! As more people become educated about the toxicity of artificial fragrances, there are now more fragrance free or no added fragrance products on the market that you can use. Most sensitive skin care product eliminate fragrance in order to reduce the allergic potential of the product.

Sensitive Skin Treatment #3 - Avoid Toxic Skin Care Ingredients

This is a tall order in todays world. It is so much easier to simply apply a sensitive skin treatment cream and hope it helps!

Many of the cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics and even skin care for sensitive skin products that we use contain ingredients that are now being shown to be disruptive of our hormones, and toxic to our bodies. Most products on the market today contain artificial fragrances which researchers are now discovering can be harmful to our brains and can cause allergic reactions.

This can be really overwhelming when you first learn about this. Imagine all the different products you use and how they might be affecting you - Yikes!

If you find yourself feeling like it's just too much to think about, then just stop for a minute and take a deep breath. Relax, let all the tension release from your shoulders. Try to find a place of inner calm.

Then,when you are ready, make a commitment to honor your body by giving it as clean and pure an environment as you possibly can. Visit our helpful "How to" guide to safe cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Treatment #4 - Use Hypoallergenic Products

There are many product lines that call themselves hypoallergenic, but which contain ingredients which have been shown through research to be irritating or even toxic. There are no government standards for hypoallergenic products, and until this changes, it is up to us to know what kinds of ingredients may irritate our sensitive skin, and to avoid those products.

I have discovered a little known resource that has educated me about all those mysterious ingredients in my personal care products. It has been a real awakening and has changed many of my daily personal care habits. This incredibly helpful tool is available for free in my free ebook Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally WITHOUT Expensive Creams or Endless Doctor Visits.

I've done quite a bit of research on hypoallergenic skin care products and so far most of these contain many ingredients that have been shown through research to be irritating or even toxic to the body. Others are free of many toxins but contain botanicals, herbs or essential oils which can also cause sensitivity for some people with sensitive skin. Skin care for sensitive skin has turned out to be more complicated than I ever imagined!

So far, out of hundreds of product lines I've researched or tried, I've only found only one line of sensitive skin care products that does not contain toxic or irritating ingredients, and ALSO does not contain botanical or herbal ingredients which may cause allergic reactions.

Sensitive Skin Treatment #5 - Support Your Digestive and Elimination Systems

The skin is our largest organ of elimination. When the other elimination channels in our body are not working as well as they could be, the skin ends up "picking up the slack" so to speak.

Our bodies are miraculously created to release toxins on a daily basis through many different body systems. When our digestion and elimination systems become sluggish or clogged, due to stress or poor diet, our bodies have difficulty eliminating toxins and so the skin erupts in an attempt to detoxify the body.

There are several ways you can improve your digestion and elimination which will help your skin. We call this our holistic sensitive skin treatment approach.

  • Drink plenty of pure, clean water.
  • Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Raw veggies or raw juice is especially good. Start slowly to avoid 'detox' reactions. When you begin to eat healthier, the body goes through a cleansing process to release the toxins accumulated from the less healthy dietary choices.
  • Eliminate as many chemicals, processed foods, and refined foods form your diet as you can. Choose whole grains and unrefined, cold pressed oils.
  • Cut down or eliminate refined sugars, which intensify allergic reactions. Try using stevia as a sweeter, which is good for the pancreas and has no calories and will not decay your teeth.
  • Xylitol in another sweetener that some people tolerate well, and it is also great for your teeth and used in many healthy dental products. You can also try low glycemic alternatives like agave, which some people tolerate well.
  • If you eat animal products, meat, yogurt or butter, choose organic sources to avoid ingesting the hormones and chemicals that are given to commercial livestock.
  • If you are eating very healthy and still having many skin eruptions, try eliminating caffeine and herbal teas, as these can cause allergies, skin eruptions and sensitivity for some people.

When you transition to a healthier diet, you may go through a period of mild detoxification, as the accumulated toxins in your body release. You may experience headaches, more skin eruptions, tiredness, join pain or other symptoms. If these last more than a few days, consult a naturopathic physician or natural health practitioner for assistance.

Some people feel the need to do a more extensive cleanse in order to get their digestion going properly. There are many excellent cleansing and detoxification programs that can help in this regard. There are also cleanses you can do simply such as the homemade body cleanse.

Some people do fine with simply a change of diet and a little extra help. You can supplement your diet with fiber, probiotics (friendly bacteria like acidophilus) and digestive enzymes to optimize your digestion and elimination. This holistic sensitive skin treatment can be one of the best investments you make in your health and your beautiful appearance!

More Sensitive Skin Treatment Ideas

For more sensitive skin treatment ideas and tips on skin care for sensitive skin, please request our free e-book Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally WITHOUT Expensive Creams or Endless Doctor Visits which has an abundance of detailed new information on how you can create radiant, healthy skin.

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