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This service will not remain free for long, so please submit your article now.

Update for 2013 - This is No Longer Unavailable

I have temporarily disabled our article submissions form, however I may reinstate the service at some point in the future.

Quality Guidelines for Sensitive Skincare Articles

We are looking for high quality sensitive skincare articles to share with our readers, who are  looking for new and innovative sensitive skincare solutions.

PLEASE FOLLOW ALL GUIDELINES - we reserve the right to delete all articles that do not meet our standards.

  1. Valuable to Our Readers - My readers are struggling with chronic skin problems, skin breakouts, allergies and chronic health challenges. We recommend non-toxic and natural skincare approaches along with holistic, whole body health improvements. Your article should provide useful information that will help our readers to improve their skin and overall health.

  2. In Harmony With Our Approaches - Please take some time to get to know our site and our message so that you provide information that our readers will find useful. Read our Safe Cosmetics Guide and The Truth About Hypoallergenic Products which will provide you with a good foundation.

  3. New Approaches and Viewpoints - Our site already has over 1000 pages of quality information. Please do not submit sensitive skincare articles that are simply a summary or repetition of information we already have on the site.

  4. Unique 700 word Articles - we are looking for 100% unique skincare articles, a Minimum of 700 words that are not published elsewhere on the internet. I check this and will delete all articles that do not meet our guidelines.

  5. Please include a photo or illustration with your article that does not violate anyone's copyright.

  6. Positive and Family Friendly Content - We are looking to uplift our readers with positive and inspiring information that empowers and supports them.

  7. Your Site Must be Family Friendly - We want to share positive and uplifting content with our readers, and to send them to other websites that offer the same. If you wouldn't want your kids to read your website, we don't want to link to it.

  8. Please include Your Author Resource Box with your website link.

  9. If you link to specific pages on your site, we reserve the right to edit your links if you are sending our visitors to products or services that are not in harmony with our approaches.

  10. Do you have more than one article to share? We are capable of publishing up to three of your high quality and unique sensitive skincare articles.

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