Sensitive Skincare in South Africa and Scandinavia

by Karin
(South Africa Cape Town)


I live in South Africa and as far as I can see, I can´t buy your products anywhere in here, is that correct? Your products seem very interesting to me.

I am a young woman (25 years old), that have suffered from outbreaks from makeup and face- and bodycare, since my teenage, especially around and in my eyes, and around my mouth. I am Swedish and have quite sensitive "nordic" skin, without being very fair. I hardly ever wear makeup, nail polish, parfumes, hairproducts, or jewelry. I believe I can put myself in the category of very! sensitive people. It is now established that I have atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, I am allergic to some chemical in nail polish, as well as parabens. After having bought extremely many face -and bodycare product, as well as makeup, and have had to give away most of them, I am now writing to you, in order to give you a bold suggestion. I am asking if ***z-cleure.shtml***, would be interested in sending me some samples of your products (preferably both makeup, nail polish, body- and face care), and if any or (hopefully) all of them works for me, I will provide you with a unbiased story that will appeal to both South Africans and Scandinavians, and obviously benefit you.

Please let me know if this could be of interest.

Best Regards


Our reply

Hi Karin, thank you for your message and your interest in our site. I definitely empathize with you, as it is difficult enough to find products that will work for very sensitive skin, and yes, not all products are available in all countries.

We do not manufacture or ship skincare products, and so cannot supply you with free skincare samples for sensitive skin, however we do recommend products from several different companies which we are affiliated with. I don't know if these product lines would be helpful to you or not, as each person's skin is different.

In my own experience, at different times
in my life, my skin can react differently. For example, right now I just made a major move and life transition, and my face has a constant breakout even with the mildest of products, and even if I stop using all products!

That is how it goes with sensitive skin, sometimes no matter what you do, your skin breaks out for a while. For me, once daily life goes into a more balanced routine, usually my skin will calm down.

The two product lines that are mildest and best for sensitive skin, and yet also effective (i.e. they produce a noticeable improvement in your skin) are available in most countries, and one of them can ship almost anywhere.

Cleure Products - Available in Most Countries

The product line we have found most helpful for people with sensitive skin is ***z-cleure.shtml*** which is free of most inflammatory and irritating substances, and also free of toxic chemicals. They have samples available and can ship worldwide to many locations.

You can see if they ship to South Africa by setting up a free account at their site. When you enter your address, you will be able to see if your location is among the countries they can ship to.

Xtend Life Skincare Products - Available Worldwide

Xtend Life natural skincare products are available worldwide, and are a good choice for many people with sensitive skin because they are free of most, but not all chemical irritants. For example, at the present time their facial cleanser does have fragrance, but the rest of their skincare products are free of fragrances.

Unfortunately they do not have sample sizes available. They can ship almost anywhere, although you are responsible for any import taxes that your country may have. When you checkout, their site will display the shipping options for your country.

Thank you for your question Karin. I hope this information is helpful for you in finding a solution for your sensitive skin. If you have additional questions please leave a comment here.

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