Skin sensitivity and acne

by Joanne
(Thornhill, Ontario)

It looks like every cosmetic or skin care cleansing line has some sort of an ingredient that is no good for my skin. My skin breaks out no matter what I use; the only time my skin was flawless was when I was pregnant and that would mean to me a hormonal indication of why my skin was clear. There are certain times of the month my skin is clearer than other times. I drink more water but that hasn't changed anything and I eat healthy.

Any suggestions to this? thanks, Joanne

Our reply

Hi Joanne, thanks for your message. Yes, hormonal balances can definitely affect our skin, which can change from day to day ... making it quite a job to keep up with it all!!

If you're having trouble finding a cleanser that will work for you, there are a number of natural options you can try that have only one ingredient. There are a lot of natural suggestions here at our Natural Facial Cleanser page, and a few more over at our Skin Care Tips page.

Sometimes this kind of natural, one ingredient approach can work well because you don't have a long list of product ingredients to deal with, any one of them which could cause an outbreak.

My skin breaks out from practically anything however I've had great results using this ***z-cleure-hypoallergenic-facial-cleanser.shtml*** which is a very gentle, non-foaming cleansing cream. It cleanses and moisturizes without making the skin greasy and it feels great on the skin. It has just a few ingredients, all of which are gentle with no plant allergens, no toxic ingredients and no irritants. Their products also work well for acne sensitive skin treatment. I hope this information can be helpful for you Joanne!

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