Super Sensitive Skin and Makeup

by Kayleigh
(Hoddesdon, England)

I have a 13 years old roughly, and she is super sensitive to creams, makeup, shampoo and conditioner. she is a red haired snow-white paled,dry skinned child and cannot go out in the sun without a high protection sun lotion on her.

For her birthday this year i wanted to get her some hypo allergenic makeup, as when i have sat down with her sister in the past and we have discussed makeup she looks like she is being left out because she cannot wear anything.

I know for shampoo and conditioner she uses head and shoulders but when it comes to make up i have no idea what i can get for her. my question is from your experience what brands would be best for to test out so she can perhaps wear makeup and moisturising cream to help her feel like a normal teenager trying on makeup with her sister?

Our reply

Hi, Kayleigh, and thanks for your message. Yes, sensitive skin is especially difficult for younger people who want to enjoy makeup and skin creams like all their friends. It is extremely difficult to find good quality hypoallergenic products that don't irritate sensitive skin and that also work well (and don't cost an arm and a leg). The only one's I've found that are great quality, affordable and very safe (paraben free, fragrance free, etc.) is ***z-cleure.shtml*** which also makes a gentle line of cosmetics and mineral makeup as well as skin care products. They are made in the US but the last time I checked, shipping to the UK is affordable. I hope these may be helpful for her.

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