Three Sisters Herbals

by Kimberlee Mule
(Hyde Park, New York, USA)

Dreamy  Salt Scrub

Dreamy Salt Scrub

Our products are handcrafted with only organic herbs and essential oils. Our line of skin care Salves are created with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil base-which is the worlds oldest skin moisturizer. Only pure, cosmetic grade beeswax is used. These high quality ingredients make our products safe and non-irritating to the most sensitive of skins. Magic Salve (our best seller) can be applied to newborns, sunburn, and wounds. Magic Salve relieves dry, chapped skin, and can be used on your lips, hands, feet...all is even gentle enough to remove your eye makeup!

Wicked Magic Salve is full of all of the herbal goodness of Magic Salve with the added punch of natural anti-fungals, making this salve a winner over topical fungal infections, athlete's foot and other stubborn skin problems. Even though Wicked Magic Salve packs a punch, it is still gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins. That is the magic of herbal skin care...the herbs promote healing, reduce inflammation and repair the skin.

Our line of herbal sprays are safe and non-toxic. There are no parabens, chemicals or preservatives. Bug Away Herbal Bug Spray keeps away the bugs that bug you without use of anything that is not 100% for people, babies, pets and even farm animals.

Three Sisters Herbals - Herbal Spa products help you pamper, soothe yourself...all while enjoying the medicine benefits of organic herbs. Dreamy Salt Scrub gently exfoliates away dead skin cells using Jojoba Oil and Epsom Salt, with the luxurious addition of hand crushed Lavender. This effectively removes dead skin and gently moisturizes.

Herbal Bath is a relaxing soak for many health problems, such as arthritis, sore muscles or hemorrhoids, but does not dry out skin.

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