Very Sensitive Skin

by Nidhi
(East Delhi)

Hi my skin is very sensitive even if i apply my skin some product or even i use any shampoo lyk ayurvedic or natural based products or shampoo so its allergy it all over my face and head so please lat me know what can i do and please advice because its very -very sensitive.


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Hi Nidhi, thank you for your message. I'm so sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing with your skin care products. I hope the information on our site can be helpful to you in understanding why even ayurvedic or natural skin care products may irritate your sensitive skin. Please see the following pages on our site which can help you to find a solution for your sensitive skin.

What is Causing Your Sensitive Skin?

Why Natural Skin Care Products Can Irritate Sensitive Skin

How Skin Care Ingredients Affect Sensitive Skin

Some Hypoallergenic Products Can Irritate Sensitive Skin

Safe Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

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Dec 12, 2010
Sensitive Scalp
by: Anonymous

If your hair is dry and your scalp is dry and prone to flake or scalp psoriasis, try Exederm shampoo. It is available online, and is recognized by the National Exema Foundation. I have found this to be mild, and also use their baby shampoo. I do use Cleure Conditioner, but try to keep it away from my scalp, as it doesn't take much to set my scalp off. Botanicals,added dyes, and fragrances can really cause problems.

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