Want Radiant Skin? Cleanse from the Inside-Out!

by Tom White
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Everyone wants clear, glowing, radiant skin, right? You don’t need to waste hundreds of dollars on serums, creams, and lotions that may or may not work, or thousands of dollars on dermabrasion, laser treatments, or plastic surgery. Instead, you can make your skin more radiant and healthy looking at home for a lot less money and a lot less effort.


Hydration is extremely important when it comes to beautiful skin. Water is essential to pretty much every one of your body’s systems. Your body needs an adequate amount of hydration in order to just function, let alone work at the top of its game. Healthy, radiant skin is a lot easier to achieve when you take in enough water every day.

The amount of water you need to drink depends on several factors: the type of job or activities you do, the temperature in which you do them, and how much water you get from your food. If you work at an extremely active job, or work outside in the heat, you’ll need a lot more water than someone who works in a temperature controlled office doing desk work. Also, if you consume a lot of bone broth or leafy green vegetables and adequate fruit, a lot of your water requirements will be satisfied.

Generally, aim for eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of fluid a day. Caffeinated beverages don’t really count, nor do alcoholic beverages. Juice, caffeine-free tea or coffee, or bone broth all count, but keep your fruit juice consumption in check to keep your sugars low. A good standard of measurement is to drink enough fluid so that your urine is clear, not yellow.


What you eat has a huge impact on your health. Not only can food improve your health, it can also destroy it, so choose wisely. Avoid fast food, processed foods, and foods that are conventionally grown with a lot of chemicals and pesticides. Your skin reflects your inner health, so if your insides are riddled with disease or saturated with toxins and toxic chemicals, your skin probably won’t look very good.

Eat whole foods; choose fresh or frozen vegetables or fruit grown organically if possible. Eat local foods that are in season; foods that are shipped halfway across the world don’t tend to have as much nutritional value by the time it gets to you, so why bother? A piece of fruit picked yesterday is much better for you and will have most of its nutrients intact compared to one that was picked two weeks ago.

There are several foods that you can eat that will help you look younger and more radiant:

Sweet potatoes and carrots have tons of beta-carotene, a vitamin that is converted in your body to Vitamin A, essential to growing new skin cells. It’s also an
anti-oxidant, which helps reduce the impact that environmental toxins will have on your skin.

Spinach has three major skin-protecting nutrients: beta-carotene, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. These three anti-oxidants work together to protect your skin from external pollutants and excess sun exposure.

Almonds and pecans have lots of Vitamin E, a nutrient that works to fend off skin-damaging free-radicals. This helps keep your skin elastic and firm!

Tropical fruit like pineapple, kiwi, and guava contain high amounts of the anti-oxidant Vitamin C. When you get enough Vitamin C in your diet, your skin will appear smoother, brighter, and blemish-free. In addition, Vitamin C helps build collagen, which keeps your skin firm and elastic.

Fish like mackerel, salmon, anchovies, herring, and sardines all have Omega-3 fatty acids, which protect against sun damage, boost skin membrane strength, and can help prevent some types of skin cancer. Omega-3s also fight inflammation.

Broccoli is a great food for your entire body, but is especially beneficial for your skin. It has Vitamin C and E to help keep your skin healthy.

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is considered a superfood. It helps to maintain collagen, protect your skin membranes, and promote skin renewal.


Exercise can improve your skin’s health just as it does your muscles and bones. People who get adequate levels of exercise tend to have more abundant levels of collagen. Aim for at least 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio like walking every day, plus a balanced weight training routine. Speak to a personal trainer if you need help.


Stress hormones can increase oil production which in turn leads to acne and premature aging. Try to reduce your stress levels. This includes getting enough sleep and exercise. Yoga can help to improve your fitness level, improve sleep, and reduce stress. Give it a try.


The one thing we could all probably benefit from is more sleep. When you’re tired, your skin can look droopy and much older. Bags under your eyes don’t help with your skin’s appearance, either. Aim for at least seven hours a night, and when you can sleep in, do so. Ideally, eight to 10 hours a night will help your skin be healthy and fresh-looking.


It really isn’t hard to have healthy, radiant skin from the inside-out; all it takes is a little commitment to improve your health and appearance. If this all seems overwhelming to you, choose one thing off the list and start with that. Each week, or even each month, add another item off the list until you’re following all of the suggestions. Your skin - and your body - will thank you.

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Tom White is the editor at www.CleansingMatters.com, one of the world's leading detox, weight loss and clean living blogs. Join the community on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bodycleansediet

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Dec 15, 2012
Avocado and Honey
by: Mona

This information are great. Avocado and honey are great way to moisturize the face. Honey with Avocado is a great idea, I will try with my Avocado face mask. Thanks for sharing this great skin care treatment.

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