Wearing Cleure Makeup = Compliments!

by Susan P.
(United States)

I have been using the ***z-cleure.shtml*** line of makeup for several months now and I absolutely love their Liquid Matte Foundation. I also use their Total Cover Concealer and their Rice Veil products. Together with their blush, my skin looks as near-to-flawless as it ever has (and that's saying something since I suffer with rosacea). I've even had compliments on what a pretty complexion I have! That about blew me away (in a good way!).

I have tried numerous liquid foundations over the years and every time, they felt like a heavy cover over my skin. Cleure liquid foundation doesn't feel like that - it's so light and airy that I can't even feel it on my skin. It never makes my skin itch or feel disgusting. Even my Momma commented on how wonderful my skin feels and she has never in her life worn a stitch of makeup other than lipstick (she has gorgeous skin).

Before finding Cleure products (thank you My Sensitive Skin Care.com!) I had yet to find a liquid foundation that can hold up in the really hot weather (90s and above), but this one does seem to hold up well. Nothing seems to hold off the inevitable oil gathering in the hot weather, especially if I'm out and about in it. But, in the air conditioning, the Cleure makeup does a great job.

Yes, the Cleure cosmetics line is a bit more expensive than the run-of-the-mill products you find in any grocery or drug store, but the products last a long time because you only have to use a small amount for excellent results.

You have to order it online, so sometimes shipping costs elevates the overall cost, but the company often offers specials for free shipping with a minimum order. They also periodically offer specials like free items with the purchase of other items or buy one item and get another item free or 1/2 off. Great deals if you just look for them. Sign up for their e-mail alerts - that's how I find out about the sales so I can take advantage of them. That way, I stock up on what I know I might need in the next few weeks or even the next few months.

Just wanted to share with others that there IS a makeup line out there that really does work and doesn't irritate your skin!

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