Weird Skin Problem...

by Freda

I have developed a strange problem on my hands and on one of my feet. The skin itches, and then these tiny lumps of pus come up under the skin. Eventually the skin gets really sore, cracks, and peels. I've got cream and ointment for Eczema off my doctor, but although it helps, it doesn't go away. Eventually the pus-lumps come back, itch, and the whole process repeats.

It's so upsetting, because I can't walk properly on my foot, and I am starting to find things like shaking hands with people, or accepting change in shops, embarrassing.

is there a cure? I have tried to think of what's changed in my life but there really isn't anything. I am in my late thirties.

Oh. I also sometimes get problems with my scalp, like severe dandruff, sore patches and flaking skin. I feel disgusting and it's really beginning to bother me. I've had these ailments for about six months now and they show no sign of going away.

My reply:

Hi Freda, thank you for sharing. Yes, I understand how difficult and painful and upsetting this kind of condition can be. There are several approaches that you can take that may help you to get a handle on what is happening and how to help.

First, my free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturallyhas some recommendations for basic steps to help create the maximum opportunity for your skin to heal. Each of our bodies is quite different, and the book can help you to get started.

Secondly, if your doctor is not able to offer some solutions to help the problem clear up, you may want to consider a second opinion from another practitioner.

Most medical doctors can offer treatments but are not focused on finding out the cause of why your skin is inflaming like this. Seeing an alternative health practitioner may help with this. I highly recommend acupuncture, which has demonstrated quite good results in helping to clear mysterious skin problems.

If you do not have access to acupuncture, there is a very helpful self help technique called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or "tapping" which involves tapping certain acupuncture points, which has helped thousands of people to find relief from all kinds of difficult ailments that have not been able to heal other ways.

EFT was originally designed to help with post-traumatic stress and emotional healing, but I have found it to be very helpful with physical problems as well. They offer a free eBook which teaches you the technique.

Our bodies often give us messages through how they feel or what symptoms they developed, and so another way to address these symptoms is to take some quiet time and ask your body what it is trying to tell you, and how you can help. This is an intuitive process, and if you create the intention to listen to your body, you will find yourself with more clarity about how to deal with these symptoms. I hope our visitors will also share here their experiences and suggestions!

Best wishes,

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Apr 10, 2011
Weird Skin Problem - Gluten???
by: Shanna

I completely understand your frustration. I have been experiencing similar symptoms for the past year or so. These little pus-filled bumps were surfacing on my elbows. They would itch like crazy, so I would pop them out of frustration. They would heal every time, but then they would return days or weeks later. Vitamins B12 and E seemed to help, but I finally went in for lab (urine and blood) testing and learned that I am gluten sensitive. Now I am on a near-gluten-free diet... which is a challenge, let me tell you, but it brings relief.
You may have the same issue..?
I hope this helps you!

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