Where to Find Nickel Free Products?

by Jane
(St. Louis)

I have sensitive skin and also allergic to nickel. I can't wear jewelry that has nickel in it, (that type of stuff). What product would you recommend? or what ingredients should I avoid when buying a product?

Our reply

Hi Jane, thank you for your message. I understand, I am allergic to nickel also, and you can find a lot of helpful information about this at our nickel allergies page.

The main problems are jewelry, belt buckles, metal buttons and eyeglasses as many of these contain nickel are in constant contact with your skin.

A good 10 to 20% of the population is sensitive to nickel and I am finding more options for finding ***z-amazon-nickel-free-products.shtml*** . I am finding the best prices on these at ***z-amazon-amazon-nickel-free-products.shtml***

There are so many objects in the world, and it is difficult to know which may be made of nickel and therefore cause you a bad rash or skin reaction.

You can find tester kits like the Nickel Solution which provide you with a really simple and quick way to find out if there is nickel in your jewelry, watch, or any other object you may be concerned about.

You simply take a Q tip and swab the solution on the object that you are concerned with. If the end of the Q tip turns pink then the object definitely has some metal in it.

This kit also has special protector coating that you can paint onto jewelry which will protect your skin from the nickel. I don't have any personal experience with this yet, as I don't wear much jewelry, but it seems like a good solution so that you can wear at least a little of the items that you like!

Nickel can be present in all kinds of foods, and is even present in the air we breathe and the water we drink. If you've become sensitized to nickel, the best way to manage is to avoid excess nickel exposure by minimizing the amount of nickel you absorb through the objects you are in touch with each day.

I have also heard some holistic medical doctors say that when our bodies carry a lot of toxic or heavy metals, that this makes it more likely that we will have a reaction to nickel or other allergens. That makes sense to me, as when our bodies are burdened with extra toxicity then our immune systems are less efficient.

For this reason it will also help to find the healthiest diet for your unique body, and if you feel able, to do a cleanse in order to help your body release any accumulation of heavy metals that may create more difficulty for you.

Nickel can also be in many herbs, vitamins and medicines. I wonder if that is why I get a headache when I take most types of supplements! For this reason you may want to check with the manufacturer before taking any kind of herbs or vitamins. It has taken me a long time to find supplements for sensitive skin which do not give me a headache, although I have not checked to see if they are 100% nickel free.

I don't know if skincare products contain excess nickel, however I've never had a reaction to the ***z-cleure.shtml*** products which are made especially for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

I hope this is helpful for you Jane, and please do let us know what you discover that works for you.

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