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Youngblood mineral makeup is formulated especially for women who suffer from severe skin maladies, including rosacea, acne, and scars from laser treatments, although some people find the ingredients may be irritating to sensitive skin.

Specifically, there is one ingredient called Bismuth Oxychloride which is added to some of their products. This ingredient can cause a severe red rash for some people with sensitive skin.

Pauline Youngblood Soli created this mineral makeup line with a heart for those who suffer from moderate to severe skin issues. Soli worked as a licensed medical aesthetician in Beverly Hills.

She quickly realized that women suffering with rosacea, severe acne, chemical damage from laser treatments, and other skin issues wanted and needed a makeup that would allow their skin to breathe, heal, and look natural.

This first-hand knowledge inspired her to create a full line of mineral cosmetics for just that purpose. Youngblood cosmetics are now one of the best selling mineral makeup products on the market today. They use only the highest quality minerals so you can enjoy flawless beautiful coverage.

What makes them so unique and different from others?

Why Youngblood Products?

Youngblood markets and sells their products to not only professionals in the field such as med-spas, physicians, top salons, and spas, they also offer their line for individual purchase. Why might you consider purchasing these products?

  • High-quality manufacturing process
  • Free of useless fillers or talc - these can clog the pores of the skin and cause irritation
  • Developed by physicians
  • Only the most pure, top-quality mineral ingredients are used in their products
  • Special milling process called micronisation - produces the absolute best results
  • Excellent customer service - professionals on hand to answer customer questions
  • Absolutely no petroleum, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, or alcohol used in Youngblood cosmetics
  • Clean, lightweight feel on the skin
  • Natural shades of makeup for any skin color
  • Excellent for every skin type
  • Youngblood makeup will not scratch or irritate skin - glides on smoothly to give your skin a healthy young glow
  • Rice starch is used to help absorb natural skin oils
  • Any fragrance listed on a product is derived from all-natural sage oil or other herbs
  • Flawless coverage in all sorts of weather and temperatures
  • Preservatives are left out of most of the Youngblood cosmetics

What Products Does Youngblood Offer?

They offer a full line of mineral cosmetics so you can have healthy products across the board. They have four different mineral foundations - loose, pressed, liquid, and creme powder. They also offer concealer, skin tints, a primer, and a rice mineral setting powder to help cover blemishes, uneven skin tone, or redness.

Youngblood also carries a full line of eye shadows and liners, lip liners and lipsticks and several different styles of blush, all with mineral ingredients.

What Do Women Like About Youngblood Mineral Makeup?

  • Amazing coverage without feeling like I'm wearing a mask or look like I have pancake face
  • Doesn't make my pores look bigger like other mineral makeup
  • Goes on smooth and silky - beautiful
  • No breakouts after using it for several weeks!
  • Eye shadows - amazing colors and it stays on all day
  • Natural coverage and excellent throughout the day
  • My acne scars are covered completely
  • Blush is so natural looking and brings a healthy glow to my skin

What Don't Women Like About Youngblood Mineral Makeup?

  • Foundation seemed to end up in pools on my skin by afternoon
  • Rather expensive compared to other mineral makeup
  • Makes the pores on my nose appear huge
  • Doesn't control the oil on my skin - I still look horribly shiny
  • Blush changes color on my oily skin after a few hours
  • After using for a while, my skin started to break out in a red rash

Cautions for Women with Sensitive Skin

Any woman who has sensitive skin knows that even top-quality cosmetics and skin care products could contain ingredients that could potentially cause itching, redness, and overall irritation.

What ingredients should you look for?

Titanium dioxide is a natural mineral, but is one ingredient that seems to irritate sensitive skin. Several Youngblood products contain this ingredient because of it is supposed to help protect the skin from sun damage.

The other ingredient to be on the watch for is Bismuth Oxychloride, a pigment often added to mineral makeup as a binder, which helps the makeup adhere to the skin. Some of Youngblood's makeup does contain this ingredient. Women with sensitive skin have found repeatedly that using products with this ingredient has caused their skin to turn red and itch.

Iron oxide and mica are two other ingredients often used in mineral makeup, but can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Make sure these ingredients, if listed, are toward the end of the ingredient list rather than within the first three listed.

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