Your Skin Mirrors Your Lifestyle

by Jenny Williams
(New York, USA)

The desire to get a perfect, radiant and flawless skin is not bound by age; rather it grows more as we grow older. Factors like hectic lifestyle, pollution, and lack of proper sleep take their toll on our skin. Skin aging is another factor contributing towards these imperfections. Is there a way to fulfill that desire amidst such vulnerabilities to skin? Yes there is and to a greater extent it starts with you.

It is you who can take the best care of for your skin. Invest time and don’t have a good, but a great skin care regimen that is not just limited to just your face.

Don’t run after quick fixes, experiment less and understand your skin. Start today because it’s never too late. You will definitely see results. A touch of nature, a boost from good products and persistent efforts give you a radiant skin. Here are few tips to begin with:

1. Identify Your Skin Type – There are mainly 4 skin types - normal, dry, combination and oily skin. Luck ones having normal skin type generally enjoy good skin throughout their life, but sometime exceptions can arise. Care and attention is a must to keep skin brimming with radiance. Know your skin type first because only then you’ll understand what’s wrong with it and what treatment or product will best suit.

2. Regular Cleansing - Residual make-up, dirt, bacteria, toxins and clogged pores damage skin significantly. Gentle cleansing scoops out these harmful accumulations from skin helping it to breathe and freshen up.

For proper cleansing, dip cotton wool in milk and wipe your face gently with it. Milk works best as the natural cleanser. Rose water is another viable agent to cleanse skin naturally. Cleanse skin thrice as week for best results.

3. Healthy Diet is cornerstone to healthy skin. Making a healthy diet chart is never complex. Just pull out fattening fries, chocolates, pizzas etc. and include healthier and less processed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, salads and whole grains.

4. Regular Hydration - Eight glasses of water per day keeps skin well hydrated. Dry skin or patches on the skin signify lack of adequate water. Regular hydration detoxifies skin and brings a natural glow on skin.

5. Beauty Sleep - A minimum of 7 hours of sleep is not only essential for physical and mental health but equally important for your skin. Lack of sleep often leads to appearance of dark circles and bags under eyes. Slice a cucumber and apply it on eyes to relax them as well as to reduce dark circles.

6. Quick Baths - To keep body moisturised, make your bath quick and use non-soap cleansers. After bath, quickly moisturise your body. It would be beneficial to keep a bottle of moisturiser near the bath tub. Hands require more care as they get washed more frequently.

7. Exercise regularly - If desk job keeps you glued to your seat the chances of skin pores getting blocked become higher for you. Regular exercise will helps you to stay active and keeps blood flow even throughout body, making you more energetic and decreasing blocked pores. Sweating during workouts is good for skin hydration as it helps in opening and cleaning of skin pores.

8. Keep skin protected against sun - Make it a routine to wear sunglasses each time you step out in sun. Appearance of wrinkles, uneven skin, and blemishes are aggravated by sun rays (UVA & UVB). Wear shades as it prevents your eyes from squinting which triggers the formation of crowfeet around eyes. Moreover you can also start using a good anti aging cream with great SPF that’ll help protect skin from sun and premature damage.

Author bio

Jenny Williams is an avid blogger, who writes about beautifying skin through natural remedies, wellness practices and using best anti aging cream. Besides writing, other things that fascinate her are fashion and reading. Jenny is very particular about her writing and wardrobe. Reading is not a mere hobby, but a gratifying experience for her.

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