A New Chapter

by Eileen
(Norwood, MA )

I have very sensitive skin and totally out of control. I am embarrassed to leave my house and feel like crying all the time. I have acne since a teenager, then went to rosacea. My skin is always red raw and nothing will calm it down. It is very very dry and hurts. I have tried every dermatologist in Massachusetts but to no avail. I have psororisis in my scalp as well or to me it looks like dandruff. Medication will not work, no matter what I take.

I'm excited about the website and I will work my way through it slowly. I am planning on taking baby steps and hope to maybe ease the pain away.

Our reply

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for sharing. I totally empathize with the frustration and embarrassment of chronic skin problems that seem to have no solution.

one thing that many of our visitors have found is that less is more ...

Many skincare companies try and sell you lots of products and recommend that you use them all the time ...

Our experience has been that simple solutions are better and easier for sensitive skin to tolerate. instead of using products with long lists of ingredients, try simpler products, and use fewer of them.

Don't make a lot of changes all at once, but rather make gradual changes that your body can adapt to over time.

I hope the information on our site can be helpful for you!

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