Acne, Acne, Everywhere

As a teen I had acne, and now as an adult I have "adult acne." I have tried everything, Proactive, Clearasil, Defferin Gel, Aczone, Noxema, Neutrogena over the counter, Clean and Clear, Oxy 10, Neutrogena Skin ID, Clinique acne line, Clindimycin, Palmers Skin Success, Ambi acne system, I have tried, toothpaste, lemons, I heard potatoes work but have yet to try that. I've done everything with the exception of acutane because I'm worried that may be too harsh. My acne is mild, but acne none the less. Just once I'd love to see a clear face. I don't EVER remember seeing myself with a clear face.

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for sharing. We have a number of suggestions for acne sensitive skin treatments and I am hoping that these might give you some ideas to try.

When topical treatments don't work, it may be that your body is experiencing some kind of imbalance hormonally, or that you could be adversely affected by certain foods or chemicals in your environment that are causing skin breakouts.

A number of our visitors have had a good experience using this ***z-clickbank-acnenomore-holistic.shtml*** which provides extensive support for clearing up acne from the inside out.

I hope you are able to find a positive solution so that you can once again experience clear and radiant skin.

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