Acne Rash for 5 Months

by Dvlina
(Calcutta, West Bengal, India)

Mine have combined skin and sensitive and acne prone too.Whenever i get one,i take care of it.The problem is I have got a small bump since 5 months with no head and no itching and other symptoms like acne.I need some quick recovery.Please help.

Our reply

Hi, and thank you for your message. I recommend that you see a doctor for this, since what you described is not a typical acne outbreak. Many chronic skin problems are a minor or major annoyance, but there are some skin problems that you may need a medical opinion so you can know how to treat them.

I recommend you see a doctor for any skin problem that is:

1. Unfamiliar to you ... you've never had it before, so you don't know what it is.

2. Has been going on for months without any kind of recover.

I hope this is helpful to you and that you feel better soon.

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Help for Acne on Entire Body

I have acne on various parts of my body, head, chest, back, legs, and arms. I drink a lot of water everyday and nothing seems to work. I'm 18 and a student at college. I need help with this. I don't know what to use for soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc. Please help me.

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for your message. I have two recommendations which I hope can be helpful for you.

1. I would recommend you start with the Cleure skin care and personal care products, which are the only hypoallergenic product line that I am aware of that does not contain chemical irritants or perfumes. We've seen very good results from these products in helping to clear up acne. They don't contain harsh chemicals or allergens, and the quality of their is excellent so you won't have to sacrifice quality. Many of our visitors find that their acne clears up just from using several of their skin care products for acne.

Also, their shampoo and conditioner are fantastic for the hair, and they don't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is often in shampoos, and which can further aggravate skin rashes and irritations. Anything we use on our hair is absorbed by our whole body eventually, so using something that is non-irritating will help prevent more acne and skin eruptions.

2. I also recommend that you address the acne from a whole body approach, which in my experience is the most effective long term solution. The best one-stop resource for an effective whole body approach to clearing up acne is the Acne No More program which is our most popular and also most effective natural acne treatment program. I hope these can be helpful for you eliminating the acne eruptions. Please let us know how they work for you!

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Day or Night Cream for Acne and Oily Skin

by Moiz

Dear Doctor,
please help me for my skin face is oily i using exoderm face wash. but not a good result give me plz suggestion which day or night cream i use. my skin type is sensitive.

Our reply

Hi, thanks for your message. We're not doctors, just ordinary people with sensitive skin who have learned some helpful tips.

For sensitive skin, we recommend the Cleure ***z-cleure-adult-acne-care.shtml*** which has helped many people with acne and oily skin to reduce outbreaks without irritating sensitive skin. This contains:

-a very gentle cleanser that is non-oily

-a facial toner that rejuvenates the skin and reduces scarring

-a day cream that is light, not greasy, and forms a protective and soothing barrier on your skin

-loose mineral powder that absorbs excess oils, provides coverage of your acne and contains zinc oxide which helps to reduce skin irritation

I hope this is helpful for you and that you find a solution soon.

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I am soooo tired of this ACNE!

I have suffered with severe acne for 16 years, I am now 26 years old. Not only do I have on my face but it's on my back, chest and shoulders. My mother suffered with acne and thanks to her genes I have it too. I've had cystic acne and am now getting cortisone shots because some of the acne turned into keloids. I have no idea what it feels like to have clear skin. I have tried almost everything out there and nothing is working. I am so embarrassed to look people in the face and I try to hide it behind my hair. I am so frustrated and heartbroken that basically all my life this has been my struggle. I wish I could pull my skin off my face.

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Jun 17, 2012
i am sure you have tried everything.
by: brenda

sometimes as in your case acne is genetic. have you see a dermatologist? there are body washes now that have ingredients in them to help combat backne. i have scars on my back and chest. when i was young family doctors just help treat acne. you never went to a derm unless you had serious suspicious spots on you. i am old though. keep trying, never give up. if you haven't seen a derm try and see one. blessings

Apr 14, 2012
Girl, I feel Your pain....
by: Anonymous

When I read your post, was like I was hearing...myself!
I have been suffering since I was in 3rd grade, that was well over 20yrs ago..many doctors, many pills/creams/ you can name it ive done it. Even accutane.
Til I got smart and noticed what was making my scne worse or better of what i was putting in my body. I eliminated all diary,soy,fried foods....alot of which have more hormones and fats. Causing inflammation! I have more control than I did before.
Trust me I know what you feel!!!

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Need Help for Acne Scarring and Oily Skin

Hi, I have normal skin with oily on the forehead and the nose and I want any home remedies that can take away the acne scars and prevent it from coming back.

My reply

Hi, and thanks for writing. We have several areas of our site with information on natural home remedies for acne scars. Here are some of them:

Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Acne Scar Healing

Scar Removal Product

Homemade Acne Treatments

There is one acne treatment system that I am aware of that uses gentle hypoallergenic products. It is a simple, four step treatment plan and the company guarantees that this will help clear up acne in two weeks here
Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment.

I would also recommend that you do everything you can to eliminate the kinds of foods from your diet that can aggravate acne.

If you'd like a complete holistic acne treatment program that includes dietary changes and other supports, this is guaranteed to eliminate acne within two months. It is one of our most popular programs at Acne No More

Once your acne is under control, there are some other things that may help with the acne scarring. There is one product line in particular that can provide some great results for actually healing the skin. I don't recommend this while you have active acne, but rather for afterwards when you are healing the scars.

Once you get to that point, please let me know and I will send you that information by e-mail.

I hope these are helpful for you. Please do stay in touch, and let me know how you are doing with these!

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Acne Problem - How to Have Smooth, Blemish Free Skin

Am so impressed with the information that you have offered in your website just to help people like me and others who have skin issues. Am aspiring to make personal care products that are toxin free, coz many of the recipes that i have seen have these chemicals in them. I will appreciate if you can assist me with recipes /resources that would help me start my business as well as have a blemish smooth skin as i suffer from acne.

Our reply

Hi , and thanks for your message and for your warm words! I am so glad our site has been helpful for you.

One wonderful resource that I am aware of for people who make their own skincare products is the site which has lots of helpful information, and they sell ingredients for skincare products. They also have a helpful blog at

For acne treatments, my own personal experience is that a holistic, whole body approach works best, as well as specific skincare products. The natural acne treatment program that we recommend on our site provides excellent results and they also give you a session with a nutritionist.

We have additional resources for acne treatment here at our acne sensitive skin section.

In regards to skincare products for acne, there are two approaches that seem to work for those of us with sensitive skin.

One is a hypoallergenic approach to acne, using products that are free of plant allergens and irritating chemicals. There is only one product line I've found that provides an allergy free and also toxin free product.

The other approach uses toxin free bio-active natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to produce a healing result on the skin.

I wish you much success in creating your own products, and also in finding solutions for your own skin!

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Acne on Right Side of Face

by Lryn

hi am 28 years old( african) i used fair and lovely in my secondary and was working well until my second year at university when i developed pimples and ever since they have not cleared. pimples come and live dark spots on my face more especially on the right side of my face.

Our reply

Hi, and thank you for your message. I recommend that you look at what may have changed in your life, your diet, and your environment in the second year of university. It may be that your body is reacting to something new that happened during this time.

There are some people who develop acne after changing their diet, or from emotional or chemical stress. One person I know of developed acne and later discovered that she had a medical problem that was upsetting her hormonal levels.

Our Acne Sensitive Skin section contains many articles that can help you sort out what may be causing your acne.

If the acne is severe, I recommend you see a doctor or health professional. If you would like to address the problem naturally, we recommend the Acne No More holistic acne treatment program which works very well and has helped many people.

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Jan 07, 2012
right side
by: Anonymous

acne may be more dominant on the right side of your face as you may sleep on that side

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Acne Home Remedy is Not Working

by Sousan

Hey. My name is Sousan and I have normal skin. My problem is that I have acne blemishes and I have been using your organic milk+ground nutmeg overnight remedy for the past 15 days to no avail! It says on your page that this recipe is a sure way to get rid of blemishes within a week. Kindly enlighten me about the reason it might not be working for me..
Thank you. =)

Our reply

Hi Sousan, and thanks for your message. Yes,
many people who have used this home remedy find that it works for them, however no one acne remedy will work for every single person.

What works well for one person may not work for another person. You've given this remedy a good try, so your other option is to try one of the other home remedies for acne scars to see if you can find one that works for you.

Usually when topical acne treatments do not work (treatments that you apply to your skin) it is a sign that you may need a most whole body approach. Our foods that cause acne page has more information on other ways to control acne.

One of the most effective approaches I've seen to acne is a holistic acne treatment approach. The folks at Acne No More do a great job of providing the support you need and the professional nutritional advice to help you to clear your skin.

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tips to avoid acne..

by sophia smith
(New York)

Hi Friends..Acne is big problem mostly 80% youth are facing..But if we take appropriate precaution,you may avoid it..
1.Wash your face at least 5 time in a day..Remove your make up before going to sleep..And use cleanser to remove make up..
2.Don't touch to your face with your hand because hanks are always dirty.
3.Take a bath after exercise or any work because sweating also responsible for acne..
4.Drink more water..


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Jun 17, 2012
in regards to washing face
by: brenda

I think washing your face 5 times a day is way too much. all this washing takes away the skins natural barrier. twice a day washing of face is good enough. use a mild cleanser.

Apr 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

i don't think you need to wash your face 5 times a day. this can actually lead to dry skin. when your skin is dry, your body wants to create more oil.

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