Acne sufferer for 3 years

by Jason

I have had clear skin. Flawless skin, if you will, until I hit 8th grade. I started breaking out and thinking back, I was pretty stupid not to care. It was only a few red dots anyways.. That was my mentality back then. Then by my freshmen year in high school, it started spreading like crazy! By this time, I was getting pimples all over my face.. literally.. There wasn't even one clear spot on my face. My face was just.. red... full of pimples all over my cheek, sides, forehead, chin, neck, chest, and back. By my sophomore year, my current year, my body has cleared up and so have my neck. The only problem right now is my face. It's looking as bad as ever. Actually, it's more horrible looking scars than the actual pimples. My scars are really red and it just looks horrible. I've been through a lot of products from proactiv, neutrogena, epiduo, you name it. Then I realized those products only make it worse. As of right now I still don't know what products to use, what foods to eat, and what to do exactly.. Thankfully I came across this site and I got the free ebook. Hopefully I will benefit from this book and learn a lot. I hope you guys will help me out also (: Thanks

Our reply

Hi Jason, I am so glad that you found our site, and I hope the information helps you to restore your skin.

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