Aging in reverse...

by Vangie
(Everett, WA, USA)

I'm American Indian, I have been told that I am looking younger every year. That's funny because to me, my acne is getting more apparent. I did not have severe acne while I was in my youth. An occasional out break when I had money to splurge on chocolate or McDonalds food (junk). I came from a poorer side of society so I guess you could say I avoided acne by being poor. Now processed food is my worst enemy. My processed food warfare has caused me to break out more often than when I was young. I have acne scars due to buying and consuming processed foods. I have to care more for my body and face with fresh fruit and veggies. To anyone who lives life trying to get by with saving time and buying a quick bite to eat, rethink that burger on the "go". Its just a quick way to add pounds to your waist and oily acne skin to your once beautiful face. Live on, but live wiser & live well.

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Feb 18, 2013
Re:Aging in reverse
by: Neha


It is a very good idea, to help usin our hectic schedule.
Even I for breakfast instead of eating out take some oats/cereals in air tight container, take milk from e=vending machine and eat in office with honey. This way i avoid everyday breakfats eating out.For lunch i make extra food in dinner and pack it and keep in refregerator and next day jst put in my bag and come to office.


Feb 18, 2013
Excellent advice
by: My Sensitive Skin Care

Thank you Vangie for this excellent and helpful advice! Yes, it can be very challenging when life is stressful to eat fast foods, junk foods and to grab something quick on the run. You're absolutely right, those choice, added up, can create excess weight and also can increase skin inflammation, acne scars and breakouts.

Here are some tips that I use on a daily basis, that may be helpful for others who are trying to eat healthy even when you may have very little time.

1. If you make a healthy meal, make a little extra for tomorrow's lunch. It takes just a minute to pack it up for work and bring it, and saves money too.

2. Always have some carrot and celery sticks, apples and other fresh veggie and fruit treats available when I travel, as well as other healthy foods so that you don't end up desperate to stop at the latest snack food place.

3. When you cook staples like rice, beans, potatoes, soup, make it in larger quantities and then freeze some for times when you need a quick meal.

I hope these healthy tips are supportive for your ongoing healthy eating and healthy skincare!

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