Anna's Journey to great skin (everywhere) :)

by Anna

Hi my name is Anna Craig. As long as I can remember, I have had painful boils or small pimples. They started on my bum and spread to most places on my body. As my mother did not believe in doctors, my skin was left untreated and allowed to spread. At my fourth pregnancy my doctor tried a round of antibiotics to clear my skin. Boy, what a mistake. The boils I had under control (still battled small rashes of pimples) Exploded all over. Well, not staff my doctor said. Then I was left undiagnosed and was prescribed an anti-fungal ointment. It works however, it dose not cure. Most recently after some antibiotics for a sinus infection, I got a terrible yeast infection under my arms. Nothing was getting rid of it. So, I began to study my symptoms. Finally, I have self diagnosed a candida yeast infection, all over my body. I have changed my diet, increased exercise and began the use of essential oils. The results were almost immediate. The rashes are smaller, pimples are located in mostly one area, and much more superficial (shallow) than before, and not as fluid filled as before. I look forward to the day I have totally clear skin. My husband told me this morning, Wow babe your butt looks really clear hahahahhaaa. I felt great. I have a food favorite that I need a good recipe for. Pizza giant makes a hot wing with sauce I crave. Surly it is packed with junk and preservatives. So a good natural hot wings sauce would be appreciated. :) Thanks for your time, and I look forward to talking more.


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