Are you eating the right foods???

by Bronwen Thompson
(Bournemouth, Dorset, UK)

I wanted to share my experience of the Eating Right for Your Blood Type diet with everyone on the site. We have all known for a long time that eating a healthy diet is essential when dealing with skin problems. However, many of the "healthy" foods that we are eating could not actually be right for our particular blood type and while we think we are doing our best the foods we continue to eat could be contributing to our skin problems.
I have suffered for years with food allergies mainly gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance and an extremely dry skin which would break out in itchy spots. I followed a healthy vegetarian diet eating lots of whole grains and fruit and veg but I never felt 100% fit as you would expect from such a healthy diet and I struggled with my really dry skin. After following a strict vegetarian diet for 16 years and eating a macrobiotic diet for several years I came across the EAT RIGHT FOR YOU BLOOD TYPE diet books. I am blood type O which is the one blood type that should be eating meat and only eating small amounts of whole grains. I was pleased to read that O types should not do dairy, I had not done that for years and because of my gluten intolerance I had not been eating many of the grains but I still had rice most days and other gluten free grains. I also discovered that many of the vegetables I was consuming in large amounts, such as leeks are totally not suitable for blood type O's. I decided to give the diet a go and it felt really strange buying, cooking and eating meat but amazingly for the first time in years I felt absolutely amazing, I had energy I didn't seem to be always hungry and craving carbs, my blood sugar levels were constant and the dryness of my skin slowly started to disappear.
I have been following the diet now for about 3 months and in that time I have had more energy than I can ever remember having, I haven't had any itchy break outs and my skin is greatly improved; I don't think I will ever conquer totally my dry skin especially as I am now 50 and naturally our skin gets drier as we age but certainly there is an improvement.
Because I suffered with sinus problems too my eyes were always puffy and I had such trouble finding the right make-up but thankfully all those problems have now cleared up - the big offender was SOYA it just gave me such a terrible allergic reaction creating sinus problems, watery eyes and left the skin on my face looking awful.
Hopefully my experiences will clarify that even though a food might be classed as "HEALTHY" in general it might not be healthy for you and could be the source of your skin problems. Who would have thought that the humble leek and soya milk could cause problems but for me they were two of the biggest contributors to many of my problems.
Probably like many of you reading this I had got to the point where I was willing to try anything to be free of allergies, break outs and total misery and I am glad I had the courage to change my long term fixed ideas and give a whole new way of eating a go its been my saving grace.

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