attempts to get rid of pimples 4ever

by niki

well my story of acne starts from the time i was 12 and it was awful and so embarrassing!i visited a dermatologist and took roaccutane and hopefully all of them disappeared .it was ok for two or three years after that(i used to exercise but because of lack of time i gave up)suddenly it appeared again but not that severe! i got so depressed that i went to visit a dermatologist again,she prescribed doxycycline and a gel ,they just made it worse;i got a sensitive skin!as i was so mad about it, i took accutane again(by another dermatologist)and it ofcourse was effective.right now after i finished the period of the remedy,pimples broke out again .it's been about two weeks and ahalf that i'v chosen the healthy diet and my skin has just got better,thank you so much for ur help .ive started exercising too and kept my fingers crossed for better results!but the problem is that my friends cant understand me! im a teacher and i need a beautiful face to keep my self confidence,i still need help and cure to my red and sensitive skin! by the way,im trying honey and cinnamon as a facial mask and i dont use cleanser any more.

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Aug 28, 2012
by: Brenda

Great article thanks. You are correct in saying, never, never and ever touch, pick or squeeze our pimples, regardless of how temping and “safe” it may seem if we want clear skin. By doing this unprofessionally, you make them worse by aggravating your existing inflammation and pushing the puss deeper and wider into the skin.

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