Brenda The Chocolate Diva

by Brenda

I am a 50 something 7th year divorcee. I own my own home and fight with individuals who believe I am rich. The truth is that I probably struggle more than most to keep my head above water. Two years ago I experienced a further life change when I opened my home to my daughters and her two teens. 18 year old Maliaka the premadonna and 16 year old Michael. When the kids run into problems with writing reports, the call on grandma. Same this goes for my daughter. Other than that, I don't know what I'm doing. Riiiiiight.

My home is huge - 4,000 square feet, but since my daughter and I have become totally different in our life styles, I have moved myself into the in-law suite. Oh, by the way the reason for them moving in is temporary. My daughter is finally completing Nursing school and should be done by February 2013. That's means5 months and counting.

My mom is a real challenge. She wants to make all of her financial investment decisions -- they all and when I step in to bail out the situation, my retired sister and her two sons grow fangs and horns to attack when the don't benefit.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who somehow believes I stepped into the role of grandmother and mother when my family moved in with me. He wants to teach me how to do my job. What puzzles me is the fact that when he runs into difficulties with his own daughters and son (all grown), he calls on me for suggestions. Go figure.

Conclusion: All of the important people in my life want to tell me what to do until they screw up - then I am the smartest woman in the world.

This may sound funny, but it really does stress me out. So much so that I feel depressed and neglect my health regimens.

I want to lose about 60 lbs and tone up my body.

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