Clear skin No break outs.

I have been experiencing hive breakouts all over my body since January 2011. So severe that I had to start taken steroids along with allergy meds to keep it under control. Months later if I exercise or do anything that causes me to sweat I have another Breakout which only steroids and allergy meds will assist. So I have a gym member ship I can't use and I enjoy exercising. At 49 I like my body however I have to work at it. So far I have not found any thing natural that helps. I say natural because I strongly believe the earth has everything needed to heal us.

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Jun 08, 2012
I understand
by: My Sensitive Skin Care

I am so sorry for the extreme difficulty you are facing with your skin. I do understand, sometimes our bodies need the help of a medication in order to get things under control while we search for more balance and more natural solutions. We live in a world that is very unbalanced, with toxins in our environment and depleted food sources, so our bodies sometimes need extra help. I hope that you find relief soon.

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