Easily Irritated Extremely sensitive skin

ive always had acne and it really affected the confidence i have in life and with people sometimes i wouldnt even want to go out of teh house my acne was never very severe but there was enough to make me look at the mirror twice in dismay. im just like every other girl i just want to have clear skin...not to impress anyone in particular..but just for myself. my skin is so sensitive that as soon as i would eat something that would unsettle it i could feel it strongly on my face which is usually dairy products and foods that are high in sugar which really stinks because i like my snickers and scoop of ice cream every once in awhile like everyone else haha and i dont like to think about "oh this is going to make me breakout" when im eating it! Ive noticed when i eat certain foods for a consistent period of time and hold back on all the sugar and dairy my acne gets better yettt im no ghandi and my consistency does slide right when i think my skin is good is usually when i dive right for that cookie dough ice cream cone hahaha sooo ive struggled with my acne for quite sometime and it would be refreshing to have a change(:

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