Natural Remedy for Eczema - The Old Ones Are Always The Best

by Jan

If you are a mother like me who has had to rely on chemical medications, lotions and creams to help clear your child's constant scratching and itching of eczema then please read on.

Yes my daughter endured this awful skin condition for the first three years of her life. Night after night she would make herself bleed and along with that she had asthma too, these two often appear together.

I had read all the stories about how hydocortisone creams would eventually thin the surface of the skin and goodness knows what else and harm they were doing after being absorbed by her body.

I used a natural medicine that has been known about for thousands of years but had for the past 100 years or so simply gone out of fashion!

What is this wondrous natural medicine that finally relieved and cured her? Why its honey......yes pure and simple honey. I literally smothered her with "honey love" by smoothing it over her skin and getting her to eat it which was not difficult at all as it tastes so sweet.

I used another honey bee product called Propolis too which she swallowed along with her honey and in a very short time.....eczema was gone and so was the asthma.

The medical world has finally re-awoken to the benefits of honey, in fact they use honey gauze dressings called medi-honey to cure all kinds of skin infections which include burn wounds sustained by our soldiers injured in battle.

If you would like to read more to see how beneficial honey is for the skin please read my website.

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Hope To Help Others With Eczema

by Connie
(New Jersey)

I have had eczema for many years. I took cortisone shots and have used the ointments and creams. Nothing heals my problem.

I have found something that is somewhat helpful. My eczema is always on my hands. I have tried the socks at night with salves and so-froth. Recently I purchased several pairs of white cotton half finger gloves. When I am at home I where them all day, and at night I use moisturizer and cover my hands with clean gloves.

I find that having the hands covered makes me less conscious of my problem. They can become slightly itchy and I will scratch. Once I start to scratch I don't stop until I'm bleeding. Now I rub over the glove covered area and do not break the skin and make matters worse.

For some reason wearing the gloves seems to lessen the times I feel I need to scratch (don't know why).

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Jul 10, 2012
Eczema tips
by: My Sensitive Skincare

I'm so sorry, I understand how painful and difficult it is to have eczema. We have a whole section on this in our Eczema Treatments section, which has all kinds of simple, natural remedies that can help provide some relief. I hope you can find some relief and that our information can be helpful to you.

Jul 05, 2012
eczema is driving me crazy!
by: Darla S.

My eczema is on the inside of my hands and is so bad both hands have deep cuts in them. It is so bad it wakes me up at night. The burning and itching never stops.I've had creams and steroid shots, but nothing last. I'm 63 yrs old and I do not have insurance at this time. Is there anywhere I can go to get some relief? I live 35 miles from okc, ok. I do have asthma and allergies. I'm up now because I cannot sleep.

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Question About Eczema

by Dave


I used to suffer from eczema when I was a teenager, nothing too serious but eczema none the less.

It's now cleared up completely but do you think there's any chance of it coming back?

If so, what can I do to prevent it?

Thank you very much,


Our Reply

Hello Dave,

I have friends and family who had eczema when they were younger, and no longer are troubled by it. Sometimes their eczema is triggered by the hormonal changes of adolescences, or other environmental factors, even vaccines.

Medical doctors say there is no cure for eczema, but I see people who go through a bout and then are never troubled by it again. I've also seen people who have chosen a healthier and less toxic lifestyle who have reduced or even completely eliminate their symptoms.

In my own experience, (I am not a doctor or a health professional, but simply someone who also has sensitive skin) the best thing you can do to prevent eczema or other chronic, inflammatory skin problems is to:

1. Eliminate as many chemical irritants and toxins from your environment, your personal care products and your diet, and

2. Eat a diet of whole, healthy foods, eliminating as many processed and refined foods as you can.

These two steps will strengthen the overall health of your body, and create a less irritating environment.

There are also many other simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you to clear up the eczema and to strengthen your immune system, here at our Treating Eczema page.

This being said, each of our bodies is completely unique and so there is not a "one size fits all" approach to the question of how to maximize your body's health.

I find that making gradual changes works best, as if you change too many things at once, you can set off a "detoxification" reaction in your body.

For example, instead of changing everything in your diet overnight, do it gradually and give your body time to adjust.

My free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally has a five step program that can help you find the best overall approach to reducing skin inflammation, and has a recommended schedule of how to make changes gradually. You are welcome to get a copy.

Please let me know how this works for you Dave! You can add comments below. Thanks for writing!

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Help for Eczema on Inner Cheeks

i think i have eczema on my inner cheeks that i got about 6 months ago and need help on how to cure this and get it away for good if there is any information that you would know on how to cure it i would greatly appreciate that. Thank you so much!

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for your message. I really empathize, as the itching of eczema can be really awful, and the cycle can get worse and worse over time.

First, I always recommend that you see a dermatologist to make sure that there are not other things going on in your skin besides the eczema.

We have an extensive section on Natural Eczema Treatments which explains why some of the eczema treatments that are commonly used to stop the pain and itching of eczema may actually make the symptoms worse.

This section of our site also links to many other pages on our site that contain different approaches to treating eczema naturally. I hope these can be helpful for you.

Your best approach to naturally treating eczema would be a whole body eczema treatment which takes into account the foods you eat.

Many people with eczema find that by taking some time to learn which foods are causing eczema, they can help reduce the rashes and itching.

Some people find this clears up the eczema completely! With this kind of approach, it is helpful to have a guide book or program to follow. There are two that are the best of the ones I've researches.

1. Eczema Free Forever is a complete program that helps you to eliminate the causes of eczema.

2. Eczema Diet Secrets focuses especially on cleansing and nutrition to help to eliminate eczema.

I hope these can be helpful for you! Please let us know how these work for you.

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Oct 14, 2010
Reducing Eczema sensitivity
by: Synergy Hair

Until you are able to get rid of your eczema, you may want to be careful what hair and skin products you use that may further aggravate your skin. Hypoallergenic hair and skin products will reduce skin irritation when you shower. Many of our clients suffer from the eczema and have found our shampoo to work well on their hair as well as their skin to make bathing less painful.

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Need Help with Eczema

by Jo
(Middlboro, Ky USA)

I have seen many Dr's in the last 30 years. Neither have helped me. I am presently taking Steroids, they help some but I still itchy on my hands, etc. Can you recommend anything I can take instead of the Steroids. I have gained weight with this medicine.

Our reply

Hi Jo, and thank you for sharing. I'm sorry that you've been struggling with eczema for so long. It is a very uncomfortable and painful condition, and the steroids are prescribed in order to reduce inflammation, however they don't solve the underlying problem of why your body is producing this kind of inflammation. And yes, steroids do have side effects such as weight gain, thinning of the skin and others.

There are many different possible explanations for what your body is reacting to, and our site has a lot of information that you may find helpful in our Eczema Treatment area which has information that may help you get an idea of how you can find and eliminate the source of your eczema. For example, some people discover they have a food allergy, or are allergic to their skincare products, shampoo or even something in their environment. Many people with eczema often need help strengthening the immune system, which helps to reduce the reactions.

My free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally has a simple five step program that can help you reduce the potential irritants that are causing inflammation on your skin.

If you have access to alternative health practitioners, a good acupuncturist or naturopathic physician (they are called ND's) may be able to help you find and eliminate the underlying cause of your eczema.

Our bodies have their own inner wisdom, and as we develop a relationship with our bodies, it becomes easier to know what we need and what helps to clear up our skin. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

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Need Help - Severe Eczema on My Face

i have severe eczema on my whole face and arms, all treatments have failed,swelling , redness occurs on my face and sticky liquid comes out of my face plz tell me what to do i can not afford expensive treatment

Our reply

Hi, thank you for writing. I am so sorry for the severe eczema problem you are experiencing. If you are not able to get medical treatment for eczema, there are many natural approaches that may be able to help.

Our free eBook may be helpful for you, it is called Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally, and it contains a simple, five step program to help your skin to heal.

We also have some helpful information on natural methods for eczema treatment which explains why some eczema treatments actually make the problem worse.

There are many helpful links on this Treating Eczema section of our site, including a book by a woman who suffered from severe eczema who stopped her eczema with dietary changes, which is called Eczema Diet Secrets.

Even if you are not able to get the book, there is a lot of information on eczema and diet that will be helpful to you here at our Which Foods Cause Eczema page.

I hope this information can be helpful to you. I hope that you are able to find relief soon.

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Sep 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey i had similar problem but after changing the pillow, my facial eczema got a lot better. No more blister. Please try. & now i change the pillow case every day as well.

Oct 19, 2011
cure your severe dry skin
by: darceysdad

1) try to stay away from creams that use steroids and petrochemicals. always read the label and find out about the ingredients.
2) check out your personal situation. has anything changed? your work? your detergents. your facial products? your clothes?
3) make sure you are eating and drinking wisely. vegetables and fruit. give your body a break.
4) don't be too hard on yourself. these things happen. its how you deal with it that counts. good luck x

Oct 06, 2011
natural solution for extremely dry skin
by: darceys dad

hi there

i have suffered from eczema on numerous areas of my body and have in the past used treatments without investigating the properties attributed to each. like most sufferers i was surprised to find how prevalent petrochemicals and steroids are in most aqueous creams.
i have been lucky enough to come across a solution that worked for me. this is something i must stress clearly because i know there is no one-size-fits-all cure for eczema sufferers. had a remarkable effect, reducing the itchiness and then over a relatively short period of time making my skin feel less taught until the problems have eased dramatically.

of course i have a jar in the bathroom continually and i use it maybe once a week. it is completely natural and mostly organic. it has a smooth consistency like a cross between a balm and and a cream but the thing i really like about it is its deep moisturising effect

i have recently had a the joy of becoming a father to a girl and noticed how dry her skin was. the creams proffered me by the hospital seemed overtly harsh to place on my childs i got some other products from the company, the baby oil and the nappy rash cream and she shows no sign of dryness any longer.

could i recommend this product to anyone suffering from chronic dry skin, absolutely. if its good enough for my baby girl its good enough for most people.
this is my suggestion. i hope you found my advice useful. x

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Dry, Cracked, and Painful Eczema

by Judah

19 years of age but born with porceline skin. now I have psoriasis and eczema to the point that I cant move due to joints being so dry and cracked. my name is Judah and I just want this over with. the only thing i've found that isn't irritating is dove mens deodorant oddly enough

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